Bathing Inspiration from Laufen

Laufen launches six new bath design lines, to add to its existing wellness collection, offering a luxurious bathing experience across fifty two individually designed bathtubs.

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Bathing has been at the centre of wellbeing for centuries, taking the natural beauty of water and its calming attributes, it encompasses the meaning of luxury. Laufen’s premium bathing range provides a spa-like, wellness experience that allows the bathroom to become a truly luxurious sanctuary.

Laufen baths are available in many shapes and sizes to add a statement finish to every bathroom design and dimension, from freestanding bathtubs to corner baths and back to wall options. Each one is a masterpiece of design and quality. With a range of finishes, Laufen’s bathing collection provides a solution for all bathrooms.

New Designs

Joining Laufen’s range of iconic bath designs from existing ranges, the new bath collection includes:

BROOK – with a stylish rectangular design and sizing, Brook creates the luxury feel of a freestanding bath in modern bathroom settings, especially where space may be limited.

 ELGIN – Elgin’s Neo Classical oval design and size is compatible with both modern and classic themes to create an individual bathroom look.

LINDEN – with a simple, modern and minimalistic design, Linden is available in freestanding, back to wall and corner installation options, offering a solution for any bathroom configuration.

IMMERSE – offers two installation choices, the elegantly curved, freestanding option, gives a sumptuous up-to date design feel whilst the corner back to wall option, gives the same look but offers optimum use of space.

PEBBLE – has a minimalist organic design and is of a size that this freestanding bath can become the focus of most bathroom creations.

VERBANA – featuring a gently curving oval shape, this freestanding bath will make a statement in any modern bathroom.

Bathing Materials

Laufen offers three different and innovative materials for its baths, each of which has distinctive characteristics that define its shape, design, function and finish.

SENTEC is a cast mineral material made of different natural minerals, which are combined together to create a smooth surface that is pleasant to touch. Bathing in a bathtub made of solid surface material Sentec feels like being in a natural basin. Due to a high percentage of mineral particles, the surface feels smooth. The innovative material also allows freedom of design: almost every shape is feasible – from very organic curved shapes, to straight architectural lines. The surface is non-porous, making it hygienic, durable, UV-resistant, highly resistant to scratches and can be effortlessly cleaned.

MARBOND is an innovative composite material consisting of two layers, which are firmly bonded to one another: the basis is provided by a high-quality mineral cast material whose surface is coated with an ultra thin layer of gel coat. The surface harmonises perfectly with the ceramic in the bathroom and it is hygienic, easy to clean, antibacterial, slip resistant, temperature resistant to EN 263 and resistant to UV light and chemicals.

ACRYLIC Bathtubs made from sanitary acrylic benefit from the insulating properties of the material and its warm surface. Together with an underlay made from hard foam, the material helps the bath water retain its temperature for a long time. Laufen’s sanitary acrylic is integrally coloured, is light and colour fast and easy to clean.

Laufen’s new baths deliver a masterpiece in bathtub design and innovation, and showcase the above materials to full effect. Both Linden and Immerse are made from Marbond, offering a distinctive gloss finish. Whilst Elgin, Brook, Verbana and Pebble are made from solid surface Sentec in a matt finish, to create a full range of solutions for all bathroom environments.

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