BAUX The New Beautiful Building Material


Swedish design group Form Us With Love have introduced a new product range called BAUX along with entrepreneurs Johan Ronnestam and Fredril Frazon, a building material that was created with designer and architects aesthetic expectations in mind. this building material that is surprisingly functional and remarkably beautiful comes in line with all building standard regulations.


The product range that comes in six different geometric shapes, two different sizes and a whole range of vibrant colours has remarkable benefits including lower energy costs, a reduced environmental impact and stable indoor climate. The individual panels can be arranged to create astonishing patterns, that can really bring the interior and exterior of building alive.


Form Us With Love however are usually a design group that focus on design products such as light shades and furniture, to make the drastic decision to focus on the exterior of the building is quite an exciting route, and the founding partners of BAUX elaborate on why they made this creative direction choice by stating ‘we’re here to explore an area where design values hasn’t been present before’.


The BAUX Träullit collection of wood wool acoustic panels is a canny combination of form and function. Available in a range of vibrant colours, the BAUX Träullit collection combines excellent sound absorption with a natural capacity for heat and moisture regulation.


With all their functionality in the end it is just a very beautiful product that will defiantly make a statement within a project.



All Images © BAUX 2014.


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