Sustainable Swedish design company, Bolon, has expanded its long-standing and best-selling collections, Artisan and Botanic, with new colourways,  unveiled at the brand’s Clerkenwell showroom for London Design Festival.

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Inspired by traditional craftsmanship, yet produced using innovative fibres, Artisan is a fusion of old and new. Designed for high-traffic areas, such as offices and hospitality spaces, the collection has been selected for use in a diverse range of projects, both in the UK and internationally.

Bolon has now expanded the collection with ten new dynamic and lively colourways, that complement the existing collection’s vibrant and expressive energy and add to the brand’s portfolio.

Canyon Vintage

Play is a summery and vivid orange that looks stunning on a larger scale. Love is an intensely warm red. Alive and happy, it is bursting with energy. Fresh is a cool, almost transparent green that appears new and thrilling when paired with natural tones. A deep green, Wild, has the capacity to soften other hues. The one-of-a-kind, yellow toned green shade, Spring, shines and brings other colours to life. True is a noble blue that complements the red options within the Artisan collection. Water is a brave colour that appears youthful and energising. Ink is a deep blue, nearly black tone, that appears neither sharp nor silky when combined with other colours. A powerful and assured black, Noir, can stand alone or be styled with neutrals or brights. The collection is completed with Chalky, a shade between beige and grey, that is nearly white with a feather-like sensation.

Botanic Library

Inspired by the natural world, the Botanic collection consists of a varied range of soft, warm and intelligent tones. Having proved popular since its launch, Bolon has now expanded the collection’s colour palette with eight new shades that transcend what first meets the eye.

Blanche is creamy and mild and brings a sophisticated softness that belongs to a new kind of luxury. Caramel and golden, Honey, is thoughtful with a natural warmth. It is a new type of beige with its own identity. Rich and dreamy, Chestnut is an intriguing kind of brown and an elegant evolution of colour. Inspired by the desert, Canyon is a heated terracotta. The reddish-brown tone adds timelessness to any room. Attractive and compelling, Vintage is both soft and dark and is the colour of the full moon. Rain is a refined blue tone with a hint of purple, which reflects how rainwater can shimmer. Fresh and nourishing, Spearmint, is a brightening colour, which can work like a white tone, as it contrasts and enhances. Library is supreme and luxurious. Just as the name suggests, it is a classic green.

Botanic, Blanche, Canyon, Honey, Vintage, Spearmint, Chestnut

Throughout LDF, the new Artisan and Botanic colour palettes will be displayed at Bolon’s Clerkenwell showroom, as part of a collaborative installation of furniture, flooring and lighting, created in partnership with Moooi. Bolon will also be hosting a series of events with a focus on sustainability.

Cathrine Ahlenius, Head of Research and Design at Bolon commented, “Artisan and Botanic each have their own identity. Artisan is a lively and expressive collection and the Botanic range is soft and warm with intelligent tones. We want to highlight those characteristics with new colours that provide more combination possibilities, both within the collections and with other items in Bolon’s product portfolio.”

Sarah Herman, Marketing Director at Bolon UK, added, “We are delighted to introduce the new colourways for these popular collections. We look forward to unveiling them at London Design Festival, where we will also be hosting a series of events, as part of a week-long focus on sustainability.”

Artisan, Chalky, Play, Water, Wild, True

Headquartered in Sweden but globally renowned, Bolon is passionate about sustainability which is woven into the brand’s DNA. Botanic is made in Sweden, only with renewable energy and using a mixture of recycled and new material. The designs are available in roll, 50x50cm tiles and as Bolon Studio tiles. 

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