Introducing the Ola Tub chair, created in collaboration with the leading German furniture designer Wolfgang CR Mezger.

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Evolving the original Ola monoshell chair, Ola Tub brings an extra level comfort, support and security to a line of seating already known for its elegant contours, light form and outstanding versatility.

Complementing its parent product range, this sumptuous new evolution in the Ola family offers a plethora of new possibilities for informal café and breakout seating, or in meeting and boardroom settings. Its enticing, unfussy form means it lives easily in both worlds.

“We designed the Ola shell together, and it worked. Then we added a variety of frames, and it worked. We added fabrics and upholstery, and it worked. With Ola Tub we’ve added arms and it works! Ola Tub has been realised as a very successful piece of furniture,” says Wolfgang CR Mezger.


With the original Ola seating conform as a starting point, Wolfgang and the Boss Design team concentrated on maintaining its iconic lines and subtle elegance as they sculpted sides and arms.

Various protypes were tested and iterated upon, arriving at single shell form that is slightly thicker beneath the seat with sides ascending to culminate in graceful gullwing arms. Ola Tub’s final form is lithe and gentle, physically resilient and enticingly comfortable to sit in – the arms, sides, set and back providing a reassuring sense of stability.

“We put comfort first. Even from the very first prototypes, we’ve never deviated from that. Our design process has been all about fine-tuning the details that wrap around the comfort offered by Ola, and now by Ola Tub,” says Mark Barrell, Design Director.


Like the existing Ola range, Ola Tub is available as a minimal polypropylene shell, with a cushioned seat, or with a fully upholstered, plush interior. Tubular leg, sled, wooden leg, four-star fixed, four-star castor and five-star castor bases can all be specified, as can a writing tablet.

Six colour options are offered in the basic spec, along with multiple fabric and finish choices.

Through highly modularised design, Boss has made it possible for customers to reupholster Ola Tub in future, changing colours and fabrics as well as updating the base. This will extend the working life of the chair and ultimately lower its environmental impact.

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