BOUTIQUE HOTELS: Glazebrook House Hotel

Design Insider is thrilled to welcome you to the first article of our brand new series, Boutique Hotels. We will be sourcing unique & boutique hotels from all over the UK to share with our fantastic readers. Enjoy the series!

To kick start the series, we have chosen the stunning Glazebrook House Hotel in South Brent, Devon to be the first hotel to feature in our series. The hotel had previously won an award in 2017 for the Best Boutique Hotel in the UK; this one is not to be missed!

The hotel has gone through many eras of time – starting its life in 1865 when a farmhouse was converted into a manor house which is now the Glazebrook House we see today. The hotel was formed in Georgian style design but also includes some Victorian-style elements. The stained glass windows have remained the same for over 100 years and with the maintenance, they still look as beautiful as the windows illuminate natural light.

The years of refurbishments still happen to this day to ensure the hotel is beautifully maintained. Glazebrook House Hotel collaborated with Timothy Oulton, a renowned Interior Designer within the Industry, and his team to create an enchanting ambience by utilising handmade & vintage assets throughout the hotel and bedrooms.

The hotel occupies its own grounds, creating a great place to come back to after a long circular walk the hotel recommends. From the bedroom windows, you can sit & relax and enjoy the woodland view. The elegant, red marbled bar downstairs includes an open fire with an impressive wine & cocktail list in a tranquil & unique setting to come back to after exploring the Devon forest.

The bedrooms are all unique; each room attaining a theme after Lewis Carrol characters. For example, the ‘Mad Hatter’ style bedroom features a free-standing bathtub with lots of vintage tea party references, creating a sense of excitement in the room. As well as this, bedrooms all feature king-sized beds with tea & coffee making facilities, ensuring your stay is comfortable throughout. The rooms also include a complimentary mini-bar filled with sweet & savoury snacks; just what you need after exploring the wonders of Devon. The luxurious bathroom, featuring underfloor heating and toiletries, supplied by the White Company help enforce a deluxe feel into all aspects of the room.

We sat down with Pieter Hamman, the Owner & Managing Director of Glazebrook House Hotel and asked him the following questions:

What makes the Glazebrook House Hotel so special?

“I think what makes it so special is that it is integrated. It’s using one designer for the entire building and doing it all at once helped integrate every aspect, every room, from the kitchen to the restaurant, to the bar to the library, to the entirety of the hotel. There is a uniform, integration if you will, which helps make you feel really comfortable; wherever you look there is a sensory perspective and overload. There is just so much, we have over 900 pieces of vintage in the whole house.”

“The consistency in the hotel was really important, there a lot of hotels you go to that are done piecemeal, completed in stages with different phases at different times and people use slightly different materials so you can notice that when you go around other hotels.”

Why did you choose Timothy Oulton Interior Design?

“The Interior Design company came to us. In the sense that we knew the designer before we started out and we knew Tim Oulton personally and he just said to us that if you’re going to do an English Country House Hotel, you’ve got to make it different – why don’t you let us do the whole project? This was the first project Timothy undertook using all of his own furnishings… it was all very exciting for me, to work with them in terms of proofing the mood boards and what items would go into each room but it all came from a single source.”

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