BOUTIQUE HOTELS: The Old Parsonage

Welcome back to the second edition to Design Insider’s Boutique Hotel series. We are ever so excited to introduce our readers to The Old Parsonage Luxury Hotel, situated in the heart of Oxford’s remarkable City Centre.

The Old Parsonage Hotel dates back to 1660 and prides itself in combining original charm and character with all the luxury modern facilities and technology. Best known by the locals and visitors for its charming country house characteristics, shared with a chic modern interior that features 20th-century remarkable portraits.

History has become a feature of this hotel; it is evident that throughout generations & era’s, this hotel has been kept for public use and enjoyed by many period’s. Built-in the 14th century, the hotel has renovated many a times to suit the needs of the people. The Old Parsonage has become a well-loved feature to Oxford, witnessing some of the most dramatic moments in history. From Edward Selwood’s 17th Century guesthouse to the present elegant hotel, The Old Parsonage continues to provide outstanding hospitality.

Most recently, in 1989, the Old Parsonage was acquired by Jeremy Mogford, the successful restaurateur whose family have been well known as hoteliers for three generations. Jeremy worked with the architect, Roger Stretton with an objective in mind; to restore the character of the original building and create an ambience of tradition by utilising traditional materials which is what they both went on to achieve.

Uniqueness is an attribute which this hotel portrays beautifully; reinforced by hotel elements such as the old-style library. The hotel library is an intimate space with doors opening to a private courtyard and is exclusively for guests. The carefully curated collection of books intend to entertain and inspire. The inclusion of: art, literature, culture & politics and history can all be found at this beautiful, distinctive library.

The hotel acquires 35 luxury bedrooms with many retaining original features. The bedrooms are all luxurious still but you can choose from 6 room options. The common denominator of the rooms is the sumptuous fabrics; wool, linen & velvet and the Egyptian cotton bedding, providing a deluxe experience for the guests.

The hotel’s restaurant is famous for it’s intimate, bohemian atmosphere, displaying an amazing collection of eclectic oil paintings of well-known writers and artists. The original stone fireplace, leaded light windows create an ambience of comfortability & tranquillity. We sat down with the Head of Marketing, Steve Holmes to talk about what makes the hotel so special to the guests.

In your opinion, what feature of the hotel is your favourite and why?
The two features that jump to mind when thinking about the Old Parsonage is the wisteria-clad exterior of the front of the building, which overlooks our stunning restaurant terrace, and the roaring fire in the hotel Reception. Both of these give such a breath-taking warm welcome when you arrive at the hotel and are the two things that guests tend to comment on mostly.

Do you think with the new modern technological advances has had an impact on the hotel’s unique traditional look?
The Old Parsonage is a perfect blend of a traditional, historic setting and the modern amenities available to us. For the most recent refurbishment, in early 2014, we made sure to highlight historic features in the bedrooms, decorate the rooms using natural fabrics, but still offer modern luxuries such as underfloor heating and steam-less mirrors.

Has the hotel got any plans for any new refurbishments?
There aren’t any plans to refurbish the Old Parsonage Hotel as such. Although, later this year and in early 2021, we will be completing a refurbishment of the building currently used as our company Head Office. This building, 36 St.Giles, is a very short walk away from the Old Parsonage and will be converted into luxury apartments aimed at long-stay guests, and will function as an extension to the hotel. All very exciting!

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