Bridging the Gap with Bisley

Fresh for early 2020, Bisley is delighted to introduce Bridge, a clever update of the customary credenza design, bringing together storage, stowage and room division into one seamless system. The traditional credenza is an integral part of many workspaces, from the meeting room, to a shared space office. Bisley has reimagined the classic design in a way that connects flexible spaces together, making the credenza work hard by being adaptable, creating a system that is unique to different business needs.

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Working with award winning design company, Jones & Partners, the concept of Bridge was deliberately kept simple, but with versatility in mind. Collaborating closely with the Bisley in-house design team, they followed a ‘less is more’ brief, ensuring the design was modest yet still injected with elegance, style and charm. Inspired by the traditional meeting room credenza, the team re-imagined a design that would fit the contemporary office and emerging work styles.

Marketing Director, Helen Owen commented, ‘Working with Jones and Partners has been incredibly insightful – we’ve made a beautiful product together.  We set out to create furniture that would give maximum choice with minimum complexity, and the result is Bridge. A magnificent blend of our material expertise, we’ve created something that works at home, as well as the office.

Director of Jones & Partners, Craig Jones added, ‘Jones & Partners and Bisley have a close relationship that goes back many years. Being Welsh, I am very proud of Bisley’s status and achievements in the marketplace.  The quality of work and responsibility that Bisley carries in providing employment and opportunity to hundreds of staff in their local community and further afield is something I have always greatly admired. 

In designing Bridge, the integration of our teams – sharing each other’s skill base capabilities – has been seamless. Our working relationships are founded on honesty, openness and trust, and that has resulted in a fantastic product.

As Bisley evolves in its manufacturing processes, we look forward to supporting them with new innovations and help their growth to deliver ever changing consumer demands.’

The aesthetic of Bridge is entirely customisable; it can comprise both steel and wood to create inspiring combinations that highlight Bisley’s manufacturing expertise in both materials. Bridge’s versatility connects the workspace with the ability to configure a multitude of functions in a variety of spaces. Bridge can be used as an unobtrusive space divider, a meeting room credenza, a ‘skyline’ style welcome setting, or an impromptu meeting area. The configurable and modular nature of Bridge allows for exciting combinations with a breadth of steel colours, wood textures and vibrant fabrics.

At the heart of Bridge’s design is stowage. Bridge provides temporary storage for bags and other personal items; its nimble nature gives you numerous options, including a handy lockable space for valuables, technology, cable management and decorative display.

Bridge’s 360-degree accessibility allows dual access and numerous functions throughout a working environment. Whether located in a spontaneous seating area or a communal space to stow, Bridge is a charming and useful addition to any space – the fun is in creating exactly what you imagined! Bridge is also available in a selection of pre-selected hardcoded kits, edited by Bisley’s in house design team, which allows for a more standard style.

Jones and Partners have worked closely with Bisley to create a design that bridges the gap between different functions and activities. No matter what your storage requirements, Bridge’s versatility connects the workplace and you, to help support the working day.

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