Cafe Furniture At The Juice Smith

The Juice Smith has reinvented its café chic look with a fresh makeover ready for summer. This beautiful ambiance was created by statement café furniture, designed to be in harmony with the décor and naturally healthy food.

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A fresh eye-catching outdoor seating area was also created, at the front of the café, with a range of perfectly selected outdoor café furniture in contrasting colours. Perfect for relaxing in the sun.

When you step inside the cafe for the first time, you will notice the airy, stylish and sleek ambiance created by the pale tiled floors, wooden and marble tables, and a mixture of green and beige velvet seating, to complement the surrounding vegetation and leafy decor.

As you might imagine, sustainability is a core value for this brand, with the website promoting ‘seriously sustainable, green choices only’. Sustainability leads this business’s choices which include the cafe furniture, which has been made from sustainably selected fabrics and long-lasting materials, such as steel.

The Bespoke Feature Table is a statement piece that was designed with very chunky pillars to resemble tree trunks. This statement piece is complemented by the voguish green Shaftesbury metal bar stool that blends in well with the decor and is a harmonious transition between the interior.

Wanting to bask in the sun? Well, The Juice Smith also contains an outdoor space, where you can revitalize and feel rejuvenated in style whilst you enjoy your healthy lunch and organic juices. It situates the stackable Ellen armchair in 2 immaculate colours that create a natural and elegant look. You will no doubt feel inclined to enjoy the sun!

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