Calatini Series by The Modern Garden Company

The Calatini Series is a collection of side tables with different forms and dimensions, decorated in white or in colours created by Italian artist, Marco Merendi. 

These ceramic side tables are decorated by hand by Nicolò Morales with the structure/form being designed by Italian artist, Marco Merendi. i Calatini 12 webi-calatini-side-table-1 webThe particular handwork and the production technique lead to colour and design differences between tables, even from the same batch and typology. The irregularity and the uniqueness of each item is a well sought after features; they are the featuring characteristics of this series and are not eligible for claims or return of goods, since it is impossible to guarantee identical pieces neither within the same order nor in future orders.

These coffee tables are perfect to furnish with simplicity every type of garden or terrace, their timeless shapes are obtained paying specific attention to every detail. The product can be used also in many different interior environments and there are five different sizes available, characterized by compact and pure shapes. i Calatini _Ala_03 webContact The Modern Garden Company


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