Camira Group Takes Majority Stake in Ground-Breaking Textile Recycling Business

Continuing a long tradition of environmental stewardship and innovation, global textile manufacturer, Camira Group, has taken a majority stake in a pioneering UK textile recycling company to develop innovative new textile products based on textile circularity. Camira Yarns Ltd has become the majority shareholder in “iinouiio” – an acronym for “It is never over until it is over” – which has secured major investment funding to install state-of-the-art wool textile reprocessing machinery, the first of its kind in the UK for more than 20 years. iinouiio was established in 2019 by Dr John Parkinson, who retains part ownership and will head up the new venture, building on a long-standing family history of textile recycling, working alongside his father over 40 years ago.

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Camira Group, which makes yarn, weaves, and dyes fabrics at several sites in Huddersfield, is renowned for market-leading environmental products used in commercial interiors and passenger transport which have captured public imagination for more than 25 years. Starting with a recycled wool fabric made from army jumpers in the late 1990s, Camira innovated a new category of environmental textiles made from wool blended with harvested nettles, hemp and flax, and has a broad range of recycled polyester fabrics made from plastic bottles and, most recently, ocean plastic waste. The investment in iinouiio signals Camira’s commitment to accelerating its work in textile circularity, accessing unrivalled expertise, and using advanced manufacturing technology in natural fibre reprocessing to make new yarns and fabrics.

The iinouiio principle of textile repurposing will be adopted by Camira Yarns at their Birkby, Huddersfield, facility which specialises in woollen spun yarns for commercial fabrics, providing a dedicated ground floor location for the new processing machinery together with a self contained showroom to promote the capability. Capital expenditure funding, amounting to £165,000, has been awarded by UK registered environmental charity WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) which works on wide-ranging projects to achieve a circular economy and divert waste away from landfill. This will provide brand new machinery to set up a new textile reprocessing line which will convert high value raw materials – from textile manufacturing waste and pre-loved wool and cashmere products – back into fibre which can then be re-spun into new yarn to make new fabric.

The machinery is due to be installed in April and will be used to produce iinouiio-branded products, provide take-back schemes for manufacturers and retailers, and open new recycled product opportunities for Camira.

Dr John Parkinson commented: “The fit with Camira is perfect for iinouiio: two like-minded companies who share a passion for textiles and sustainability who together can take textile circularity to another level. The installation of the new recycling line will be a milestone for the UK textile industry and iinouiio are thrilled that it will be located within the Camira Yarns facility in Huddersfield.”

Anthony Croall, Camira Group Commercial Director, who concluded the deal on behalf of Camira, made the following statement: “We’re genuinely excited about this fantastic opportunity, which not only builds on the sustainability reputation of Camira, but will position us as a market leader in textile circularity. Market demands for less waste and eco-conscious consumers have now put textile recycling at the top of the agenda, so we can’t wait to get working with John to develop the iinouiio brand alongside new environmental products and initiatives from Camira”.

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