NEW: Camira launches Yoredale

Collection: Yoredale
Usage: Fabric

Bringing the comfort of home to workplaces, hotels and educational environments, Yoredale is a chunky wool fabric that is as reassuringly familiar as it is aesthetically striking. Launched by global textile manufacturer Camira, Yoredale is inspired, designed and made in the company’s home county of Yorkshire.

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The first commercial fabric launched by the company to use certified British wool, the textile contains an innovative binder yarn which both conceals and highlights the black fibre inherent to the mountain sheep from which the wool is produced. With an aesthetic that reflects the fabric’s natural composition, Yoredale retains a rustic tactility – with its highly textured, unmanicured finish evoking the craggy outcrops, drystone walls and undulating valleys that define Yorkshire.

“There’s nothing more appealing than a woollen textile. Evocative of home, history and heritage, wool has remained at the heart of fabric manufacturing for centuries, and we are as drawn to it now as ever. Yoredale takes this rich past and introduces a modern take on a traditional textile with its intricate weave, saturated tones and intriguing black binder yarn.” – Jodie Padgett, Senior Designer at Camira.

Inspired by both nature and art, each shade in the Yoredale range seeks to encapsulate the tones which run throughout the county’s scenery, and the vivid local landscapes captured on canvas by famed Yorkshire born painter, David Hockney. With radiant tones of golds, greens and earthy browns accompanied by serene blues, radiant greens and refined neutrals, the Yoredale palette defines versatility, making it ideal for inclusion in a wide array of commercial interiors.

Design Insider Camira Yoredale Yarn

With photography curated by Mark Beard, Creative Director and Founder of thisisnotapipe, Yoredale has been captured in a series of iconic Yorkshire landscapes, bringing the powerful scenery into sharp contrast with the fluidity of a textile – and celebrating the scenic surroundings behind its creation.

Available in 25 colorways, Yoredale is available globally from today.

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