Jim Biddulph & LionHeart in conversation

Architecture and poetry may not seem likely bedfellows.  In normal times we tend to navigate the built environment with our heads down, performing functional tasks rather than finding inspiration in dancing golden daffodils or floating lonely clouds. But London-based poet LionHeart sees things differently, and organisations including Grimshaw Architects and the Saatchi Gallery are some of… Read More >

1 June 2020

Are you Deadgood?

BCFA member Bisley recently announced its new distribution partnership with fellow British design brand and contract furniture specialists, Deadgood. Bisley has the exclusive distribution rights to Deadgood products in North America. We took the opportunity to speak with Elliot Brook, Deadgood’s Co-Founder & Director to find out more about the British brand and their new partnership. Please… Read More >

28 May 2020

Working from home?

Like most people, I’m now working from home and can’t quite believe it’s the ninth week of doing so – it’s flown by! The first week was definitely the hardest, adjusting to the new ways of life. I was pretty restless being cooped up in the flat and not commuting in to the office. Thankfully… Read More >

22 May 2020

Trends in Architectural Materials

Which materials are being used in the most interesting ways right now? As well as constantly searching for brand-new materials, we should also seek to test our creativity – as well as thinking about the environment – by considering new uses for existing materials too. As a studio, we’re particularly interested in sustainable materials that… Read More >

19 May 2020

ONE: Zoran Matijevic

Continuing with our popular ONE series, we spoke with Zoran Matijevic, Head of Design for Crofts & Assinder.  Crofts & Assinder manufacture decorative hardware. Zoran Matijevic told us that he’s ‘been lucky enough to travel extensively which has really opened my eyes to many aspects of design, through visual facets of both the natural and… Read More >

29 April 2020

Sustainability – Radical Rethink

Now, more than ever, it’s time to move beyond thinking about sustainability as a worthy necessity to considering it a remit for exciting thinking within new parameters. In our studio, for example, we’re examining the use of lightweight and non-permanent materials, cutting-edge recycled materials, the commission of regional artists and craftspeople to reflect project locality… Read More >

22 April 2020

An interview with Morag Myerscough

If you’ve visited the Design Museum since it’s relocation to the old Commonwealth Institute just off London’s Kings Road, you will have experienced the attention-grabbing work of Morag Myerscough. The colourful creation is a permanent fixture and a clear signpost for the on-going Designer Maker User exhibition upstairs. Comprising of tri-wall advertising boards with brightly… Read More >

14 April 2020