Have Your Say … Best advice you received as a student?

Earlier this month Design Insider visited New Designers and One Year In where we enjoyed the opportunity to speak with students and graduates.  Knowing from our own experiences that the transition from student to graduate can be uncertain we chose to seek advice on behalf of students and graduates by asking design professionals about the best advise… Read More >

17 July 2018

Designer Q&A: Mark Gabbertas

Mark Gabbertas is one of those names that keeps popping up, as part of our coverage of the Furniture Makers’ Company ‘Design Guild Mark’ we have interviewed him quite few times, in fact he has been awarded a Design Guild Mark for the last 8 years! But we wanted to find out a bit more about… Read More >

9 July 2018

Jim Biddulph in conversation with Shahar Livne

With a specific focus on plastic, and the release of our short documentary Materials, Living with plastic this month, it seemed fitting to talk to a designer who has explored the material and speculated upon it’s changing impact. Israeli-born and Eindhoven based designer Shahar Livne is a graduate of the Man + Leisure program at… Read More >

29 June 2018