Christian Watson + Kirkby Design x Eley Kishimoto

A rising name on the London furniture scene, designer Christian Watson unveils his debut sofa & armchair designs, featuring an exclusive new fabric designed by Kirkby Design in partnership with London print & fashion studio Eley Kishimoto.

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A meeting of monochrome and minimalist design, Christian Watson introduces his new Edenvale sofa and armchair. Hand-built in London, the collaboration pairs Christian’s minimalist approach to contemporary furniture design and metalwork with abstract, monochrome pattern designed by Kirkby & Kishimoto. Using a mix of flat wool and raised bouclé, this is an experiment in extreme texture meeting pared-back, structural form.

“I’ve become known for my minimalist, linear approach to design, working predominantly in materials such a metal and cork to create architectural pieces for the home that also act as functional pieces of sculpture,” says Christian. “My new sofa and armchair designs continue this aesthetic – slender metal frameworks reflect the black pen sketches that I will always begin my designs with, my focus on creating striking silhouettes with minimal distractions. The frameworks here are softened with curved metal support arms which are mirrored by the curved upholstered padded side and back cushions, finished in Kirkby Design x Eley Kishimoto’s Quilted Mirage fabric. This abstract pattern is a contemporary, pixelated take on the classic trompe-l’oeil, a reworking of a traditional idea in a modern way that is reflective of my own work. A monochrome palette adds a calm simplicity making a striking artistic statement for the home, a raised bouclé, texture also making this a tactile design that correlates to the textured finish of the surrounding metal framework. We’ve purposefully made the seat cushions a generously sized depth so that you can really sink into the sofa and armchair and be enveloped by the different textures that
this fabric offers.”

“We are thrilled that Christian Watson has chosen one our fabrics from our collaboration with Eley Kishimoto to help bring his debut sofa to life,” says Jordan Mould, Director for Sales, Strategy & Innovation at Kirkby Design. “We have long been fans of Christian’s bold, minimalistic pieces and have used them throughout our lifestyle photography to help create a contemporary aesthetic. Their debut sofa brings everything that makes Christian’s pieces so desirable together, and with our fabric this is a piece that subtly commands your attention.”

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