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 We recently leapt at the opportunity to sit down with Heather Scott, projects and specification manager at Nordlux UK & Eire, to discuss this leading commercial lighting supplier’s aim to deliver a wide range of products with a superior combination of lasting quality, great design and user-friendly functionality – at competitive prices.

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1. Could you tell me about the heritage of Nordlux?

Nordlux was established in 1977 with the aim to inspire people to make the most of lighting. Nordlux’s products light up the dark in more than 50 countries and are sold by more than 5000 dealers worldwide.

1977 – Nordlux founded in Aalborg, Denmark.

1997 – Our Iconic Scorpious outdoor series was launched and remains a bestseller.

2004 – First partnership with external Danish designer.

2010 – Nordlux acquired Norwegian Lampekonsulenten AS and establish a sales organization in Norway.

2014 – Nordlux established Nordlux GMBH.

2015 – Design for the People Established. *

2016 – First RED DOT design award awarded to Strap and Artist pendants.

2017 – Nordlux established Nordlux SWE.

2018 – Nordlux established sales organization in France, Netherlands, UK and Germany to cover all of Europe.

2019 – Launching first IoT products by own development.

2020 – Portugal sales representation established.

2021 – Aludra designed by Jacob Jensen Design wins the EPDA award.

2022 – Launch of first A-rated energy efficient products.

*Design For The People (Est. 2015) is award-winning Danish design lighting that unites aesthetics, simplicity and function with standout design, quality light and materials that can last a lifetime.

Every year this collection offers centrepiece items and easy-to-place products that are both contemporary and unique. This collection reflects fresh inspiration and innovation – a perfect balance between Danish design tradition and technology. The products are made-to-last -as timeless pieces you will value for many years.

2. What sets Nordlux apart in the commercial sector?

I believe what sets Nordlux apart in this sector is we can offer lighting solutions for all aspects of a commercial projects. Whether that be decorative statement pendants, collections of fittings for whole concept designs, functional items for workspaces that are all deep rooted with our Danish design DNA. We not only look at the aesthetic of the products when the light is switched off but also look how we can experiment with the light source to create different visual effects that will impact the interior design. We expand and develop our range each year not only looking at current trends but how our fittings can enhance our wellbeing in their functionality.

3. Could you talk me through 3 key projects you’ve supplied?


Industrial Design Engineers Matthew and Alison Grey bought a Victorian pumping station in Newgate Street, Hertfordshire in December 2011. Originally built in the late 1800s to supply water to the local village, the pumping station was fully operational until the 1990s. The building was in a derelict state when the couple bought it. Matt and Ali wanted to create a modern interior inspired by mid-century designs.

Finding the right lighting was key to creating a mid-century ambience throughout. Matt and Ali chose a lighting solution from Nordlux, which fitted perfectly into their design vision thanks to its visual references combined with modern technology.


Based where our head office is situated The Aalborg theatre is a fantastic and exciting place that inspires and leaves many impressions with its visitors. In this unique place the lighting is an important element that enhances the feeling of creativity, excitement and extravagance. At the same time, the practical needs must also be met.


Phillippe Starck has created the luxurious hotel, Lily of The Valley, located on the French Riviera, up in the hills of Saint-Tropez overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The fantastic location makes demands on both materials and the interior, and the designer has especially focused on lighting to create an atmospheric universe that matches the extraordinary location.

Philippe Starck appointed Venø copper lamp from Nordlux as the most optimal solution for outdoor lighting at the hotel. The exclusive copper lamp has a sophisticated and timeless design and is beautifully integrated with the wooden walls and neutral earthy tones. Likewise, Venø is chosen as the three screens and glass insert lets soft and comfortable light shine through, creating a relaxing and homely atmosphere in the luxurious oasis.

“The hotel embraces and adapts the landscape with organic materials and tone-in-tone earthy colours, which reflects the stunning nature, where the Venø copper lamps fits perfectly into the unique atmosphere” – Phillippe Starck.

4. How do you develop your products and select the product designers you work with? Could you introduce us to some of them?

The process in how we develop our products is first our inhouse product managers create a design/trend brief for the designers with inspiration, text, themes, ideas for colours and materials. Prior to making the brief we study and research the current trends in the market places, attend fairs such as Paris and Milan, we also attended webinars from trend agencies such as PEJ, SPOTT trend and NCS colours. Finally we also have an inhouse product council for team members from different departments to also add in their ideas and inspirations.

The next stage is to give these briefs to the collaborating designers where they have 2-3 months to prepare their design ideas. Status meetings are held with them, during the design process, to make sure they are on the right track and to finally make our first selection.

The final process we have a last Product Council meeting, where we do the final selection together from the designs that have been pre-selected.

We collaborate with designers exclusively, who are deep rooted in the Scandinavian design combined with understanding of our Nordlux DNA. All the designers we collaborate with have different backgrounds in how they have reached where they are and we like to share their stories without customers.

Meet the designers –

Designer: Jacob Jensen Design

Jacob Jensen Design is a Nordic design firm that strives to design great value-based products. The design studio dates all the way back to the 1950s and now consists of a global team of young and experienced designers who inspire each other to create iconic products and concepts.

Jacob Jensen Design finds inspiration in people’s needs, in their interactions with their surroundings and everyday life. When working with light, Jacob Jensen Design focuses on the dichotomy of light and darkness – where one presupposes the other.

“The interesting thing about working with light is the transformation between night and day. The duality that is required. Lighting is not just an accessory for your home; it is not just functionality nor just good looks. It serves a double purpose, but not at the same time. Finding a design that works in both light and darkness is a great challenge.”

 Good design is achieved by creating products that improve the life of the user. When working with new design ideas, Jacob Jensen Design always incorporates their set of design principles: distance, closeness and touch.

“Our three design principles ensure the user’s experience and journey from the first time they lay eyes on the product. From appealing, intuitive recognition from a distance, to discovering those extra well-thought-out details and finally to the emotional aftereffect of the “wow!”

Designer: Maria Berntsen

Maria Berntsen strives to design products with nerve, functionality and identity. With her own design studio in Copenhagen, Maria Berntsen has since 1992 focused on architecture and design. Maria Berntsen is a well-established name in the design industry and has over the years collaborated with a wide range of Danish and international companies, where her extensive experience has resulted in many successful designs.

“At the start of a new project, I look for an idea with nerve, functionality and identity. By modelling and visualizing, I test the idea, how it might be used, and its presence. Good design communicates and establishes a dialogue with the receiver. Design is not just about functionality – it is as much about the emotional connection and impact. To me, success is when my design brings joy in the everyday lives of people”

5. How does your company address sustainability and what are your sustainability targets?

Nordlux Group holds strong ambitions to contribute to a better and more sustainable future for all. Our vision is “Lifting People’s Quality of Life with Light” meaning that we do our best to ensure an enduring positive impact from our activities and products. Our CSR Policy Commitment refers to our company values “IDEA” (Integrity, Dynamic, Excitement, Always) and is a valuable tool used to reach the Nordlux vision. Nordlux supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We use this framework to monitor and expand our sustainable activities.

Next year we will be starting measuring for 15 specific ESG’s (environmental, Social, Governance) For example: Co2 Scope 1, Co2 Scope 2, Energy consumption, Renewable energy share and Water consumption.

With also millions of lighting products sold annually, Nordlux has great opportunity to impact energy consumption by offering energy efficient products. Less energy used leads to both cheaper energy for all and lower impact on the environment.

6. What does the future hold for Nordlux?

We are working towards creating products with even higher energy efficiency and have a continued focus on respecting all resources used in our value chain. We want to look closer into how light has an impact on our day to day wellbeing and continue to launch new, exciting products to match the newest interior trends, collaborate and grow our relationships with our designers and aim to maintain a +98% delivery rate of products always ready in stock.

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