Contemporary Cheek from Inside Out Contracts

Inside Out Contracts for new back-street burger joint, the Filthy Cow, contributes to an audaciously bold venue that is literally taking the bull by the horns for unforgettable design.

Fcow_006_800x400Manchester’s latest burger joint the Filthy Cow introduces locals to a memorable dining experience with a provocative flair. Self-titled as the ‘ultimate guilty pleasure’, the Filthy Cow pushes the boundaries in attitude and ambiance from fetish innuendo artwork, to brothel inspired lighting.

Fcow_005_800x400Intently unapologetic, the interior features lewd murals of ‘filthy cows’ akin with the brand’s character; back dropped by red brick walls, industrial piping and furniture. Milk buckets are introduced as washroom sinks and cage like metal dividers create a clever cattle yard aesthetic.

Fcow_003_800x400The end result is a ‘Soho neon’ nightlife blended with novelty farmyard style that is unparalleled in the current burger scene.

Fcow_007_800x400Collaborating with Mystery Design, Inside Out Contracts supplied seating that followed the irreverent brief. The Combo side chair supplied in solid oak and black frame motions traditional farmyard style and completes the interior scheme.

Fcow_004_800x400Fcow_001_800x400Complementing both the dark textures and alternate harsh industrial furnishings, the Combo side chairs harmonise the setting whilst providing a practical seating solution for Filthy Cow’s cheeky cliental.

All Images © Filthy Cow 2015



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