NEW: Corian – the premiere choice

Collection: Primo
Models: Primo Classic, Primo Bespoke, Primo Specialist
Usage: Basins
Material: Corian®

Wash basins, sinks and troughs made from Corian® Solid Surface have long proved to be the perfect resource for bathroom, cloakroom and kitchen design, whether in the residential or the commercial sector.

Now CDUK, the exclusive distributor of Corian® in the UK and Ireland, has put together a specially ‘curated’ selection of sink and basin solutions to create the dynamic, specifier-friendly Primo offering.

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Design Insider Primo Bespoke Round 40 - Grey Onyx Product

Encompassing an inspiring range of possibilities from the most versatile shapes to specialist and signature options, plus a bespoke offering, Primo means that projects of any nature, even in the most demanding environments, can optimise all the renowned benefits of Corian®.

Designed to create a comprehensive collection, whether the need is for straightforward, seamless integration of a standard bowl into a vanity top, or for the kind of undermount, top mount or trough-style designs that are ideal for particular environments, the Primo range makes it easy to specify precisely the solution required.

Design Insider Primo Specialist Top Mount Edinburgh Basin in Corian® Neutral Concrete

“There is great synergy between two brands committed to both quality and innovation and this solution is the perfect combination of performance, practicality and aesthetics.” – George Davies, National Account Manager, Dyson GB&I Professional.

The collection includes the unique Washroom Solution which combines any Primo Specialist basin or trough with a Dyson Airblade™ Wash+Dry tap. This ideal marriage of sleek, robust surfaces and ingenious equipment creates a cohesive, minimalist, easy-care answer to commercial washroom design.

The Washroom Solution, an off the shelf package exclusive to CDUK offering enhanced performance style and functionality, is also certified by the Carbon Trust.

Design Insider Primo Specialist Healthcare 332

The Primo range of basins and troughs made from Corian® enables this distinctive, high value material to go to work in the most elegant, hygienic and durable fashion while also benefitting from all the reliable service and support for which CDUK is renowned.

Request a copy of the new Primo brochure to find out more about the full range of washroom design solutions and the Dyson product specification. Email the CDUK Sales Team on or call 0113 201 2250 and quote Design Insider.

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