Crafting an equitable, adaptive workplace for today’s world

Crafting an equitable, adaptive workplace for today’s world: Personio collaborates with M Moser to transform its Amsterdam office.

Personio, the renowned HR management software company, has joined forces with M Moser, a leading design and architecture firm, to revolutionise its Amsterdam office into a forward-thinking, people-centric workspace. Leveraging M Moser’s expertise in workplace strategy and interior design, Personio aims to create an inclusive and adaptable environment that reflects its values and fosters employee well-being.

Personio has emerged as one of Germany’s most valuable unicorns since its establishment in 2015, with over 10,000 SMEs across Europe benefiting from its streamlined HR solutions. With a team of 1,700 professionals, Personio empowers HR experts to focus on what truly matters: their people.

M Moser collaborated closely with Personio to develop a comprehensive workplace strategy that aligns the new office space with the company’s vision, values, and purpose. Through extensive interviews, surveys, and interactive workshops, M Moser gained valuable insights into Personio’s unique requirements, laying the foundation for a design concept that caters to immediate needs while allowing for future growth and flexibility.

The design solutions implemented by M Moser are a true embodiment of Personio’s identity, integrating the company’s visual branding throughout the office space. By employing universal design principles, M Moser has created an environment that promotes inclusivity and equitable access while supporting Personio’s commitment to social responsibility and team spirit. This approach ensures that diverse needs are met, enabling Personio to attract top talent and foster continued success.

M Moser’s data-driven approach played a pivotal role in shaping the office design. Extensive surveys revealed that 89% of Personio employees highly value social connections and face-to-face interactions. In response, M Moser allocated 70% of the floor plan to collaboration spaces, cultivating a sense of community and belonging among team members.

Recognising the importance of balance between collaboration and focused work, M Moser designed a variety of work settings tailored to individual and team preferences. The office features dedicated team rooms, enclosed collaboration spaces, and phone booths, catering to diverse work styles and needs. Development teams benefit from specialised zones for pair programming, mob programming, and event storming, facilitating seamless collaboration and innovation.

In line with Personio’s commitment to equal access, M Moser ensured that the office design provides universal accessibility features wherever possible. From wheelchair-accessible individual focus pods to height-adjustable workstations, the office space prioritises the wellbeing and comfort of all employees.

Energy efficiency and occupant health were also at the forefront of M Moser’s design considerations. The office underwent meticulous energy modeling techniques to optimise energy consumption and reduce costs. Through the use of radiant panels and low Global Warming Potential refrigerants, the office achieved efficient temperature regulation while minimising environmental impact.

Furthermore, M Moser prioritised occupant health by selecting materials with minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and promoting green cleaning practices. These initiatives aim to create a safe and healthy work environment for all Personio employees.

“We prioritised materials with minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs) to promote occupant health. These compounds pollute the air and harm health. Furniture underwent a thorough assessment to meet LEED VOC thresholds and California Department of Public Health standards.” shares Associate Director Samantha Allen.

M Moser’s commitment to responsible design and build practices was evident throughout the project. Collaborating with NORNORM, a furniture subscription company specialising in circular office furniture, M Moser embraced circular economy principles, minimising waste and environmental impact. By selecting fixtures with reduced flow rates, Personio’s new Amsterdam office achieved a remarkable 43% reduction in water consumption. Additionally, M Moser effectively managed construction waste during the build process, diverting 90% of construction waste away from landfills. Ensuring materials which can’t be repurposed are recycled.

Through its collaboration with M Moser, Personio has transformed its Amsterdam office into an adaptive, inclusive workspace that embodies its core values. The new office design promotes social interactions, accommodates diverse work activities, and prioritises sustainability by adopting circular practices and optimising energy use. Personio is proud to offer an office environment that reflects its commitment to its employees’ wellbeing and the environment.

“We didn’t want to build the future of the workplace but the ‘workplace of now.’ Our new Amsterdam office is built to meet our team’s current needs but is flexible enough that we can change with the business and our employees in the future.” – Ciaran Chaney, Head of Workplace & IT at Personio.

“Personio’s workspace is a design with a conscience. It’s a place where people from varied backgrounds and abilities are not just welcomed, but genuinely supported. It’s part of the company’s focus on embracing uniqueness and creating a space where everyone can bring their full selves to work.”Sophie Foster, Senior Workplace Strategist at M Moser.


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