Creating Wonderland – Interview with Co-Founders Alexander Stanton and Oliver Santoro

When Inside Out Contracts told us that they were having a conversation with the co-founders of Wonderland, Alexander Stanton and Oliver Santoro, we had to listen in!

Co-founders of Wonderland, Alexander Stanton and Oliver Santoro

Colourful, kitsch and fun, this new restaurant concept is a Soho original. With strong colour themes of lilac and pink, the neon pop artwork boldly covers the walls and makes a strong statement. There is no mistaking where you are, as you have clearly stepped into the imagination of Wonderland. Catering for all, this restaurant is a twist on an american themed diner, selling both meat and vegan cuisine. The furniture is deliciously modern and playful.

Inside Out’s table tops are custom made with aluminium ribbed edging with rounded corners. Whilst their bespoke banquette seating capabilities created us a show stopping piece of design, with wonderful stitched detailing in rose pink and lilac upholstery. You will notice the top detailing being in a different colour. So much thought has gone into each element of this design which was helped along with Inside Out’s design service. The interior design is eye popping-ly creative and the restaurant is set to thrive in a great location too. I am sure this is the first of more restaurants to come.

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Walk around Wonderland with Alex and Oliver

Wow this is a really fun concept. Where did the idea to set up Wonderland – Meat Vs Plant come from?

The name actually came from the Matrix movie. We wanted to make Wonderland more than just a restaurant.

The concept was from the fact that we have our roots in both meat and vegan cuisine. We wanted to create a restaurant where the vegan and meat menu would be as good as each other.

This is an amazing location. How did you find it and why did you pick Soho as the right location?

We always thought Soho was the best area in London to launch a restaurant. Some of the best restaurants are here and we wanted to join the party!

Once you decided to ‘go for it’, how did you decide on your interior design choices? What were you looking for?

We wanted to stand out from the pack and create something that was visually impacting. We always felt that lilac was a really placid colour which would aid our vision of creating the frame from which our original artwork would pop out.

You selected some really funky table tops from Inside Out, what were you looking for when it came to table tops and how did Inside Out help you to find the right product for you?

We would highly recommend using Inside Out Contracts and would 100% work with them again in the future. The process was seamless and we were able to get our vision across to Patrycja and Martin with ease. They helped us create what we set out to achieve. The table tops match the colour of the restaurant. We were ultimately going for a neon diner theme.

Now that the restaurant is finished and open, how does it feel?

We are so excited to finally get the door open! It honestly feels great. There were so many challenges and obstacles to overcome but we always believed and here it is!:)

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