Curated shapes for hyper-personalised flooring.

A reshaped Bolon concept, now with endless possibilities.

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Our relaunched Bolon Studio is creativity at its best. Playful, and clever! Introducing new shapes – making this concept a designer’s tool with endless possibilities for hyper-personalised flooring. Very Bolonish as we say, says Klara Persson, Head of Product Management. Simple shapes at first glance…

But when put together these curated tiles build mind-blowing immersive expressions, by mixing and matching textures and colours from the Bolon collections! A woven flooring renaissance making use of the direction of the weft and warp to reflect light while playing with spatial intelligence.

Bolon Studio is stepping onto eternal geometry. At Bolon dreamers and innovators come together to reinvent – big bangs are ever only created when worlds collide. This time geometric, graphic, and organic shapes resurface as super creative flooring. 

In reality, all shapes already exist out there in the universe. Creativity is the ability to combine existing ideas and make new ones.

What we have created with the Bolon Studio concept is a tool to reshape the world of flooring, says Lisa Jarhult, Product Developer and Designer at Bolon.

New dimensions to shape things up and make any floor a fantasy-come-true. See for yourself!

Bolon Studio is made in Sweden with only renewable energy, contains recycled material and comes in nine different shapes, in thirteen differently sized made-to-order tiles. Endless flooring designs are made possible, by mixing and matching textures and colours from the Bolon collections! Reshape any and every type of floor to its full glory with Bolon Studio.

Available worldwide from the 12th of April.

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