Tektura design and manufacture wallcoverings, acoustic solutions, and advanced wall protection. Their portfolio comprises several thousand designs, including deeply etched textures, metallic and iridescent surfaces, urban architectural finishes, large scale patterns and coordinating prints and plains.

Tektura has launched a new collection of 10 distinct wallcovering designs. These are commercial quality with a fabric backing.

The first five designs revolve around the theme of Curves & Contours, while the latter half captures the allure of Artisanal Weaves.

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Curves & Contours

The following 5 designs have taken inspiration from natural elements. Contours and lines mirror water ripples and desert dunes, with influences from Mid-Century, the 70’s, and Art Deco styles also evident.

Colours are muted: Chalk white, putty, clay and warm sand are complemented by accents of smoky teal, indigo and charcoal.

  1. Arco: Curved contours and arches combine to create this deco-inspired print

Arco’s fluid curves have a hand-drawn aesthetic. This illustrative style softens the designs geometry, giving an organic quality.

  1. Plissé: Textured, pleated, folded fluid silk in matt and pearl tones

Plissé’s surface is textured, tactile and fluid. Available in a carefully curated neutral palette with accent colours in indigo and teal.

  1. Drift: Subtle organic print with selected colours including metallic highlights

 A freeflowing design, Drift is a delicate print offered in a soft, muted colour range. Mostly matt on matt, but occasionally soft metallic highlights are revealed.  

  1. Neo mini: A 70’s inspired block print

Neo Mini, is a playful print with a unique retro vibe. Block coloured circle segments are printed on a woven ground. Colours range from white on white, through to dramatic blue and black.

  1. Neo Max: A big scale 70’s inspired organic print which perfectly complements Neo Mini

Taking cues from the 70’s, Neo Max is a nature-inspired oversized print with a naive aesthetic, reminiscent of sand banks and rock formations. Contrasting tones with metallised threads are available for a subtle sparkle.

Artisanal Weaves

The remaining five designs take inspiration from raw woven fibres such as jute and hopsack, alongside finer, smoother linens.

The maker’s mark is evident throughout; with the inclusion of a metallised thread here and there, a hint of gilding, or embellishment with soft print.

Colours are natural, earthy and undyed, reminiscent of flax, dried grasses and willow.

  1. Flax: Chunky weave texture

Flax is tactile and dimensional. Its soft and muted palette makes it an excellent choice for those drawn to both simplicity and versatility!

  1. Harvest: Authentic, deeply textured, and characterful large-scale weave

 Harvest is a tribute to artisanal craftsmanship. Its texture, rich and deep, reflects hand-woven basketry, reeds or raffia, following age-old traditional weaving methods.  Colours stay true to nature: earthy, rustic and raw.

  1. Dalston Weave: Characterful woven texture in selected colours with metallised highlights

 Dalston Weave presents a refined version of woven jute and hopsack.  Thoughtfully gilded, the surface imparts a touch of elegance, depth and subtle sophistication.

  1. Panama Linen: Fresh and simple. A classic linen texture in matt colours

 Panama Linen combines the classic texture of a traditional fine weave with the clean lines of modern design. Its palette ranges from soft duck egg blue through to muted greens and light neutrals, bringing a timeless touch to any décor.

  1. Palladio: contemporary take on a damask.

The grandeur of a classic damask, but reimagined. Palladio is larger scale but delicate. The stylised print is soft and chalky – almost hand-drawn.  Palladio fuses the timeless elegance of a Damask with contemporary artistry offering a unique blend of past and present.

2 stories – 10 designs. A mix of classic and contemporary.

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