Decca Reveals Winners for Design Competition

Decca, a global manufacturer of luxury furniture for the residential, contract and hospitality markets announced a design competition in 2017 where the core purpose was to re-imagine their own products. Decca recently announced the winner: ‘Accouter Design’, as the proposal presented was imaginative. The competition was a chance to explore what could be achieved by clients when given complete freedom to customise some of the standard products by changing finished, dimensions and adding in details.

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Decca will now begin the process of fine-tuning the designs ready for the manufacture and all will be completed and ready to show at Focus on the 18th of September. The requirement was to take a shell room and design the empty room using 5 pieces of customised Decca Furniture. Accouter had an overwhelming number of public votes following a great online campaign which Decca was pleased about as it showed a good understanding of the brief, which was originally given in summer 2017. The voting build-up can be searched by using ‘#CustomDecca’ if you would like to go back and experience the conversation when important design coms were taking place.

In response to Decca’s invitation, Accouter sent a very well worked presentation with considered materials and details as the team “wanted to create unique pieces that incorporated classic elements with contemporary finishes to add that touch of surprise”. You can see the final renders of Accouter’s wore here. In the video, Accouter Design can be seen redesigning standard furniture from the Decca Collection.

Following this, Accouter also spent an abundance of time visualising how the room could look by creating mood boards to set the tone for their submission.

Ersa Kumbasar and Jonny Delin can be seen talking to Decca Customs through their initial proposal.



Once the mood board was finalised, the team could start making amendments to Decca’s products. The team have stated:

“Our first piece is our take on the Credenza. The classic piece was enhanced with the use of elegant finishes such as eglomise and nero marquina. Internally we added a luxurious teal suede to add an element of surprise along with practical brass shelves for all those crystal glasses”

Credenza (96111) is from the Classic & Modern collection which has since been re-designed.


The initial design received for the customised 96111 Credenza.

A technical drawing showing the approved final version of the Credenza.

Draft render showing the Accouter credenza and side table with our Atelier Lounge Chair.

Dining Chair

Another piece of Decca’s furniture which had been customised was the Dining Chair. The creative team provides us with an insight into the thinking behind the new design:

“We took the dining chair and added in simple yet elegant details such as brass capping and piping that would elevate the original design. We also designed a carver version with a cut-out arm detail to add another level of interest. The antique brass and the soft blue silk wool work perfectly alongside the rich show wood.”

This is the original chair from the Objets collection by Michael Kirkpatrick.

Approved shop drawing of the customised chair in carver form.

The in house 3D team produced models for all the customised pieces as well as a draft render to show proportion and scale within the space.

The final product renders by Unbuilt Visualisations.

Side Table

The creative team ‘decided to elevate a simple side table by amending the shape to have a display shelf below and adding in an antique mirror inlay that wrapped the entire piece’.

The original Drum side table (43019) to the left, with the reimagined drum table with the antique mirror and starburst to the right.

Dining Table

Furthermore, the final piece of furniture amended was the dining table with the creative team stating:

“Our final piece we redesigned was the dining table. We have wrapped the top in a leather to give it a modern feel and inlaid brass trims into the top in an abstract pattern. Our aim was to give the dining table a sleek and refreshing look. We feel that the addition brings life and brightness to the contemporary scheme.”

The development of the table began by creating drawings and seeing what parts could be developed or transformed. 

The original table, Kinkou (145005 – top left) and the straight-lined rectangular version which was created by Accouter Design.

Once again, many congratulations to Accouter who have produced outstanding design amendments which will now be executed and look wonderful.

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