Designer Q&A: Vince Stroop, Stonehill Taylor (Sleep Set)

We sat down with Vince Stroop, Principal of New York based architecture and design studio Stonehill Taylor to discuss how they tackled the brief of ‘Loyalty’ for this years Sleep Set.

Vince Stroop

First off, why did you want to get involved in this year’s Sleep set?

At Stonehill Taylor, we’re constantly chasing innovation. I was thrilled to get involved in this year’s Sleep Set to challenge our team with avant-garde thought and craft a one-of-a-kind, inspirational installation.

With the theme of Loyalty running throughout this year’s Sleep exhibition how have you interpreted the brief?

Our proposal is called “Irus.” The concept derives its name from an abstraction of the word “Iris,” the part of the anatomy that gives colour to the eye, and the notion of all of “us” within the global community. It’s the ultimate lesson in loyalty to provide opportunity for travellers to create their own experience and elevate themselves in a foreign setting, by completely immersing themselves within another culture. Our design allows travellers to sustain themselves culturally as our concept is unbound by brand standards and current trends.

Do think visitors will be surprised by the design?

Irus creates an incredibly unique experience. The room concept, a personal pod, provides guests with a toolbox to create their own stay. They decide how to use the space for sleeping, eating, entertaining, working and relaxing. The natural color palette is approachable, though the flexible furniture may be unexpected, and guests will have to spend time with the individual pieces to appreciate their full abilities.


What have been the challenges as part of the design?

Distilling the needs of all travelers into a single pod proved challenging. We wanted to curate the experience but not dictate it, so we went with shape-shifting furniture and an eye-catching palette. The result is tailored to the individual, but the tools that shape the experience are universal.

What is your favourite feature of the design, without giving too much away?

I think the obscure forest element is my favorite feature since it represents a boundary that is meant to be crossed.

Stonehill & Taylor Teaser sleep st

You can check out how Stonehill Taylor interpreted the brief of Loyalty at the Sleep exhibition this November 21-22 at the Business Design Centre.

You can register here for the event 


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