Deutsche Bhan’s Idea Train Choo-Choo-Chooses Camira Fabrics

The future of rail travel: German rail operator Deutsche Bahn has unveiled it’s plans for it’s new “Idea Train” (also known as “Ideenzug”), and a range of Camira fabrics have been selected to feature throughout the train.

The 30-metre long train has been created to showcase new concepts with the hope of inspiring ultra-futuristic train travel. The double-deck carriages will be displayed across Germany over the next 6 months.

Deutsche Bahn invited Camira to contribute to the project after seeing the wide product offering and manufacturing capabilities, opening up new opportunities for transport interiors. There was a chance to improve the quality of materials used on a train and with Camira’s range of fabrics for both transport and contract, this inspired new thinking and ideas for future design concepts. The mix of fabrics featured is just one way of showing how the future may change for transport.Camira's Synergy and Main Line Flax fabrics on the Deutsche Bahn IdeasTrain web

“It’s fantastic to be part of this project with Deutsche Bahn. They are working to revolutionise how we think about rail transport, from a design and technological perspective. The future of transport is in the hands of this concept train and we’re excited to see how passengers react and what concepts we can take forward to enhance and grow the passenger experience.”

“This is an excellent platform to be able to showcase Camira’s portfolio of fabrics and introduce materials that are not traditionally used in transport interiors. We’re thinking of aesthetics, performance but also sustainability to ensure the trains of the future are considered with both the passengers and environment in mind.”

– Daniel Fraede, Transport Sales Manager for Germany at Camira

The train will be decked out with more features than you can shake a stick at. You can say goodbye to the traditional setup of rows of seating, instead there will be a variety of different options; swivel chairs, noise-canceling chairs, benches and folding seats.

A selection of Camira’s fabrics are used throughout the Ideas Train, including wool flat-woven fabrics and all loop moquette from its transport capabilities, high-performance fabric Track, wool based fabrics Synergy, Blazer and Blazer Quilt, recycled polyester Rivet and Camira’s famous bast fibre fabrics Hemp and Main Line Flax, as well as vinyl and leather.

For those who like to work on the move, there will be privacy pods and built in tablet stands. Other innovative ideas on board will be a fitness studio and even a play area for younger riders.Camira's Wired fabrics and Vita on the Deutsche Bahn IdeasTrain web Considering aesthetic design, functionality and performance, the concept of the train is to inspire customers. The aim is to bring differentiation and new ideas around public transport with tangible concepts, from digital applications to the overall interior travel experience.

Dr. Jörg Sandvoß, the CEO of Deutsche Bahn noted;

“We want to offer our local transport customers more in the future — a new and unique travel experience. That’s why we developed the Idea Train with completely new design ideas for the vehicle interior. Our goal is that the public transport commuters think about such ideas in their future tenders.”

Maybe this could revolutionise the your morning commute and the future of train travel?! What do you think the future holds for train interior design? Comment below or start a conversation with us on Twitter @DesignInsider1

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