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Design Insider is delighted to share a striking London development project by EE Smith Contract. EE Smith Contracts is one of the UK’s leading specialist interior fit-out contractors. Privately owned, and operating from our purpose-built headquarters in Leicester, they been setting the industry standard for over 100 years. They are experts in fitting out some of the world’s most prestigious hotels, commercial interiors and private residences. Their interior solutions are engineered to the finest tolerances, ensuring the finished product perfectly matches the designer’s vision.

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Joinery to auditorium… the main driver and inspiration for this exciting project was the architect’s (Perkins & Will) original design concept. This was elaborate, unique & intended to push construction boundaries to new levels. EE Smiths highly skilled CNC, Auto CAD & Inventor trained draughtsmen worked around the clock to create a system which refused to compromise the buildability or beauty of this prestigious central London project. Without EE Smith’s Design Resource & CNC programming teams, the entire project would have been a non-starter and it was their passion which genuinely took the project to new advanced levels. It fell heavily dependent on EE Smith’s innovative ways to find solutions to multiple problems throughout the 18-month journey which made this job such a success.

Pushing the boundaries of CNC…essentially, this is an elegant, contemporary, state of the art auditorium & dining room, worthy of global recognition & associated with one of the world’s most highly rated corporations. EE Smith has taken this concept & used cutting edge 3D design technology to create a breath-taking feature ceiling, complete with reverberation control & excellent acoustic properties, necessary for the intended environment. To achieve this desired effect, EE Smith took a risk & used a new material across the project-Starbank MDF. It’s safe to say that this potential risk earned its reward instantly, aiding the transformation of the design & the entire system EE Smith had in place, making it more effective than EE Smiths ever hoped, especially during the installation process.

Each slat individually designed…EE Smith believes the project would have taken double the time to complete without the standout installation process they have; this merged with the unique nature of the timber products used helped to streamline all aspects of the job, right from production stages. 

There aren’t many truly exceptional, statement-making auditoriums across the country (even across the world!) & although this may seem like a niche market, it’s something that has limitless potential to grow considerably, especially when this amazing design becomes a talking point amongst industry experts. When people see the rare marriage of practicality & beauty that we have created, it will become more of a necessity as a pose to a luxury, which is when the increase for this kind of design will really soar.

Setting the standard in perfect…even though the design is very bespoke to this specific project, the systems EE Smith put into place have immeasurable opportunities & could be applied to most commercial spaces. The efficient & seamless installation is what gives EE Smith work here the most potential because it’s such an effective on-site product; above all this, it looks absolutely striking, so satisfies the client as well as the construction team, which is an extremely infrequent, positive way to complete a project of this scale. EE Smith feels this is a magnificent project for which we are all exceptionally proud of.

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