Ege Carpets – Le Clervaux Boutique & Design Hotel



Located in the small town of Clervaux in Luxembourg, the ‘le Clervaux Boutique & Design Hotel’ offers its guests a visual experience through the extensively patterned floor coverings installed throughout the communal (restaurant and hallways) and private spaces provided by ege carpets.

LU_Le Clervaux_006

Restored in 2012, each individual suite is decorated with custom designed carpets, especially developed to complement the interior designs of the units, the different patterns chosen to match the textiles and wallpapers of the rooms, resulting in an overall baroque atmosphere.

LU_Le Clervaux_002

The 22 suites of le Clervaux Boutique and Design Hotel are divided into three different types, for different audiences, with different material and furniture. ege produced some unique designs to really show off these sections different personalities.

LU_Le Clervaux_001 (1)

The high contrasting colours show that ege are never afraid of creating something bold and striking.

LU_Le Clervaux_021


LU_Le Clervaux_007

All Images © ege 2014


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