Ege – Hotel Sublim Eiffel, France

Saucy and sophisticated like only Paris knows how to

A striking combination of carpeted pavement, bright, neon lights and headboards shaped as underground tunnels contributes to making a stay at the Hotel Sublim Eiffel in Paris a truly unique experience. The interior design of the hotel perfectly succeeds in capturing the outside magic of the city, leaving behind a lasting impression. Carpets by ege play a significant role in the interior.


An interior to remember

“Saucy and sophisticated like only Paris knows how to be”. These words perfectly describe the newly renovated Hotel Sublim Eiffel, located in the heart of Paris’ charming Latin Quarter. The interior design concept is accomplished by interior designer Sandrine Alouf and architect Vincent Bastie, who in close co-operation succeeded in creating a harmonic interaction between the city and the hotel interior. The city is an integral part of the hotel and nothing has been left to chance in the interior to create an atmosphere filled with urban character. Highly bespoke carpet designs by ege ensure that elements of the city are reflected down to the very last detail.

“It was a bit of a gamble to add such striking carpet designs to the Hotel Sublim Eiffel, but luckily guests have responded positively to our bold choice of carpet. Guests who have stayed overnight at the hotel will, without a doubt, remember both the lighting and carpeting in their room”, Hotel Manager at Hotel Sublim Eiffel Pierre Martin-Roux tells.


Highly bespoke carpets

Carpets for the hotel guest rooms are designed as a large map of the 15th arrondissement in Paris where the hotel is located. In stairways, uneven pavement stones from ege’s Out of Nature collection decorate the floor. In corridors, manhole covers are added to the carpet design to emphasise the illusion of standing on pavement in a street in Paris. Small LED lights are placed in the carpet to create a special effect in the carpet. The hotel holds the perfect combination of design, comfort and hospitality, designed to awaken your senses.

“Corridors with carpeted pavement stones and manhole covers truly create the illusion of being in an urban setting, and the map covering the floor is the big talking point among our guests”, Pierre Martin-Roux adds.

In addition to creating a unique visual atmosphere at the hotel, carpets were chosen to add an extra feel of underfoot comfort and well-being to the interior.


Total freedom of design

When it comes to colours, designs, structures and functional properties, ege’s carpet concepts are developed to offer each client total freedom to choose or create carpet solutions perfectly matching needs and identity. ege’s carpet concepts are shaped to provide total technical solutions, while the unrivalled and unique design possibilities add value through design to any hospitality environment.At the same time, the highest possible performance benchmark values are maintained and never to be compromised.



Architect:Vincent Bastie
Interior: architect: Sandrine Alouf
Design:Custom design
Quality:highline 910 LL (guest bedrooms) & highline 910 WT (corridors and stairways)
Quantity:rooms (575 m²) corridors and stairways (208 m2)


All Images © Ege 2014


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