Ege’s Highline Express Classic

Highline Express Classic features many of Ege’s most popular and best performing carpet designs – classics that have been around for centuries to adorn all types of environments. From royal buildings with big ballrooms to new and minimal architecture, to even museums, hotels and restaurants are all beautifully fitted with these dateless patterns.

Design Insider has an inside look in to the beautiful Highline Express collection – let us know your favourite piece!

Design Insider Ege Highline Express Classic Indian Damask

The Classic designs hold contemporary traces enriched with new colours. Embracing the richness of dark velvet green, bordeaux and other proud shades of red, the pattern portfolio guarantees a royal and opulent feeling to any setting. With strong references to our heritage, Classic makes you feel the presence of history in its historic design details.

A delicate mix of majestic medallions, opulent ornamentals, graceful florals and even delicate filigree adds a lavish look and feel to any architecture and piece of furniture. From the sophisticated, sometimes even flamboyant, to graceful and refined, Classic honours traditional interiors with carpets truly bringing a blast from the past.

Design Insider Ege Highline Express Classic Versailles

The collection translates into five colour stories: the greens, the purples, the greys, the blues and of course the reds. All colours are carefully selected to express the classic ambience of the carpet designs whilst reflecting contemporary interior trends too. Fully in harmony with the on trend colour palettes present in modern interior pieces, the collection is a natural extension of your remaining décor.

If you are not able to find a colour combination supporting your project, colours are up for customisation. This is easily done and free of charge. Just go ahead, never before has carpet specification been faster and easier. Not to say: more inspiring!

Design Insider Ege Highline Express Classic Paisley Shawl

Creating the perfect custom carpet can be challenging with so many pattern ideas and colour options in mind. Instead of developing your carpet design from A to Z, try delving into one or more of the six Highline Express collections when selecting your own favourite ready-to-produce design

The collections guide you through a diverse range of premade patterns ready to pick, produce and mount. Thematically grouped to make navigation easy and fast the 2,000+ carpet designs represent Arts & Crafts, Classic, Cultures, Essentials, Graphic and Nature.

Design Insider Ege Highline Express Classic Pomegranates

Since Ege’s foundation in 1938 we have lived out their founder Mads Eg Damgaard’s visionary and uncompromising philosophy of applying the latest and most advanced techniques available within carpet production. In June they received an EU Environmental award for their efforts too! If any of their carpets in this range interests you, why not contact them? Or, let us know in the comment section your favourite.

Design Insider Ege Highline Express Classic New Rex

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