Elements by Max Fraser @ 100% Design

During this years London Design Festival we caught up with Max Fraser to talk about his curated installation ‘Elements’ that took centre stage at 100% Design.

‘Elements’ celebrated iconic designs of the past and present,¬†including seating by Barber & Osgerby for Vitra, Tom Dixon and Nika Zupanc for S√©, lighting by Tom Raffield and Michael Young for EOQ De sign.

Each of the designs selected by Max have a great story of design having to overcome hurdles and boundaries, and what Max wanted to do with this installation was to showcase those details, so you the end user can see the worth behind them.

But you don’t need to us to tell you about it, when we have video of Max explaining ‘Elements’ perfectly, so please watch the video below and keep an ear out, to see what Max’s ‘One Word’ is to sum up great design.

What would you ‘One Word’ be? let us know by leaving a comment below




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