Elevating Hospitality Seating: Burgess Furniture Unveils Two Stunning Collections at Independent Hotel Show 2023

In the dynamic world of commercial interior design, where innovation and comfort converge, Burgess Furniture stands as a beacon of excellence. With a rich heritage spanning over 60 years, Burgess has consistently redefined the landscape of furniture design. Born from the visionary mind of founder Gerald Burgess, the company has evolved from its cycling roots, initially seizing an opportunity in the aluminum handlebars of bicycles to create the iconic Burgess stacking banquet chair. Today, Burgess is Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality chairs and tables, continuously pushing the boundaries of modern design to cater to the evolving needs of the hospitality sector.

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This commitment to innovation found a fitting stage at the Independent Hotel Show in October 2023, the premier event dedicated entirely to the luxury and boutique hotel sector. Surpassing the typical trade show experience, the Independent Hotel Show provides a platform for industry leaders to showcase cutting-edge solutions, read our Trend Report here. Against this backdrop, Burgess Furniture unveiled not one but two striking seating collections, setting a new standard for comfort and style in hospitality spaces.

Crescent Collection: Chic Modernity in Every Curve

The first of these collections, the Crescent Collection, epitomizes chic modernity and comfort in every curve. Crafted with precision, the Crescent chair offers a perfect retreat for guests seeking relaxation in style. Its gently curved aesthetics on the outside back and below the seat, paired with a ribbed stitched seat and back, create an inviting atmosphere. With a spectrum of fabric choices for upholstery and six distinct base options, the Crescent seamlessly integrates into any interior, whether it graces a hotel lobby, a civic centre’s breakout seating, or a conference gathering.

Sceptre Collection: Symbolizing Comfort and Quality

The second revelation, the Sceptre Collection, symbolizes unparalleled comfort and quality. This chair defines the character of any venue, exuding style, quality, and warmth. Its wraparound sides create a cosy atmosphere while maintaining a chic design. The Sceptre’s versatility shines through with the option to upholster the seat in a fabric of choice from a curated collection. To further tailor the chair to unique preferences, Burgess offers the Sceptre with six distinct base options, each possessing its own unique style. Ideal for hotel lobbies, bedrooms, convention centres, golf club lounges, or breakout areas at events, the Sceptre collection adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

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As Burgess Furniture continues to champion great design and exceptional functionality, the Crescent and Sceptre collections stand as prime examples of their unwavering commitment to providing bespoke solutions for the hospitality industry. Whether you’re aiming to transform a hotel lobby, convention centre, or a cosy breakout area, Burgess Furniture’s new offerings promise to elevate the guest experience by seamlessly blending aesthetics and comfort.

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