Eternity: The latest wallcovering collection by Muraspec

UK manufacturer Muraspec, prides itself on its British heritage with over 135 years of experience manufacturing state-of-the-art wallcoverings and panels. They have announced a new collection: The Eternity range.

Inspired by different elements of nature, Muraspec’s Eternity range emulates a range of different textures. The designs imitate the look of marble and stone, and a mix of soft neutral tones mean that they add a touch of grace to any interior space. Eternity Chroma 121011 webThere is 6 different designs in the range; Aura, Chroma, Murasuede, Sublime, Symphony and Tessuto.

“Eternity is an exquisite new take on luxuriously embossed wallcoverings. Timeless patterns [and] a palette of breathtaking naturals, modern greys, soft neutrals and deeper tones add charm and character to any design scheme.” – Muraspec Design Team

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