Exciting Product Launches by Table Place Chairs at Clerkenwell Design Week

Table Place Chairs launched three new designs at Clerkenwell 2023 as well as hosting an extensive event programme. The team have extended their award winning Circle of Life screening system as well as adding the Pipeline table bases and Mozart sofa and armchair to their portfolio.

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WHEN IS A CIRCLE, NOT JUST A CIRCLE? When it’s the circle of life!

This free-standing, modular structure provides the ultimate agile zoning solution.

Initially designed for a workspace customer who wanted to create private areas within an open-plan space without attaching anything to the walls or ceiling, our Circle of Life system has been developed to create defined zones in just about any size, shape or series of shapes. It may even be used to generate standalone walls.

Designed to be dismantled and re-erected as required, this concept epitomises the circular economy. Furthermore, every component may be recycled at the end of life.

Instead of solid material, curtains ensure an airy space and aid the poor acoustics often encountered in areas finished primarily with hard surfaces. Beyond the workplace, our Circle of Life is now attracting considerable interest in public spaces and hospitality environments, where its flexibility is perfect for creating private dining experiences.

Take a seat
The Waive modular sofa has been designed specifically for use with our Circle of Life system. Available in straight, internal and external curved sections, it strikes a sharply contemporary note with its sleek black, powder-coated steel frame and tubular cushion back. Finish in any of our standard fabrics for delivery in 6-8 weeks or specify your own fabrics (this may affect delivery).

Add shelves

Oak veneered and recycled wood terrazzo shelving is available to fit inside Circle of Life curved modules.

Curtain options
Circle of Life curtain fabrics come in several weights, including acoustic for those requiring more privacy, in both standard and recycled yarns: all are recyclable at the end of life. A wide variety of colours from subtle to brights are available in every weight .

Construct your own shape with Circle of Life.
A 3.6m diameter circle, a 5.4m long stadium, and 3.6m wide semi-circular room divider created with Circle of Life modules are shown here. The semi-circle is stable enough to stand alone or can be fitted with our Waive sofa inside or outside the curve. Build your ideas to stand alone, off walls or each other, with a lead time of just six weeks.

Just three 2m high black powder coated steel frames – a straight, a 30° curve, and a gentle right angle – enable you to create a quite extraordinary variety of bespoke spaces. 

The curves may be used both convexly and concavely, and the only ‘rule’ is that any shape must incorporate an even number of modules

Pipeline Table Base

This exciting table base is as solid and well engineered as it is stylish. Formed in steel, with hidden adjusters to counteract uneven flooring, Pipeline comes in coffee, dining and bar table sizes, can be specified in any standard RAL and is fully recyclable. Both the slimline and large table bases are finished with a base plate for added stability.

The Pipeline may be used with any of Table Place Chairs’ table tops. Overleaf it is shown with marble, opposite are Minerastone, a reinforced ceramic slim yet strong structure with astonishing wear-, temperature- and chemical-resistant properties made entirely from recyclable raw

Mozart Sofa & Armchair

Mozart is our sumptuous version of a tub chair. Curvaceous, almost sensuous, it is a little wider, a little deeper, and entirely more voluptuous than your average tub chair. To put it simply, Mozart is a hug in a chair. Sometimes only a tub chair will do. For those times, we bring you Mozart.

Mozart’s big sister, the two-seater sofa, is equally curvilineal, and this organic form is currently very on-trend. Both chair and sofa can be specified upholstered in any of well over 400 of our Crib 5-compliant fabrics or in any suitable fabric of your choosing.

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