Experimental Material Showcased at Heimtextil by Trevira

In many respects mobility forms the basis of our lives and economic activity. This means there is also a search for suitable materials that can stand up to the varying demands and forms that this trend takes. Safety and comfort, together with design and performance, flexibility too, constitute only some the features sought after.

This is exactly what Trevira set as the theme for its current Trevira CS fabric competition. Results are located below;

In addition Trevira is presenting the experimental work of students Andrea Böttcher and Dominyka Sidabraitė, whose final degree assignments have gained prizes and in which they have used Trevira yarns.filamentThis filament spun-dyed range and products for automotive interior design can be seen above.

Trevira invited suppliers of Trevira CS fabrics, for what was the fifth time, to participate in a creativity competition with their latest developments. “Mobility“ is the theme at the heart of the 2017 fabric competition. Accordingly, fabrics submitted are to relate to places and modes of transport that are part and parcel of work and life environments, both contemporary and future. Check out Trevira’s winning fabrics below.CS17_Creativity Award2 resize

CS17_Creativity Award resize




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