Milliken launches its exquisite Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) collection ‘First Call’ drawing inspiration from the unique creations and textures that decorate the natural world. The collection explores the wonders of varying species of trees, providing an authentic interpretation of natural wood but with all the comfort and acoustic benefits associated with premium, high performance LVT.

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First Call LVT comes in a 25cm x 150cm plank format and can be used independently or in combination with Milliken’s award winning carpet tile and plank collections to create a cohesive and sophisticated floor plane.  

First Call was designed to offer designers and corporate clients a stylish and dependable ‘go-to’ collection, your ‘first call’ when seeking guaranteed high end natural styling, combined with premium accoustic and wear performance. There are two elegant and refined designs in the collection: ‘On Point’ is the bolder, more expressive design and features authentic wooden knots with distinctive gradations of colour to provide visual interest along the plank. On Point is available in a range of weathered neutrals, progressing from light to dark. The ‘Open-Shut’ design mimics the intricate markings of bark with a subtle blending of shades and variations of texture. Open-Shut adds a serene and welcoming depth and is available in a range of light to dark tones.

Well-being is at the core of Milliken’s design philosophy and directly informs their latest LVT collection First Call. High noise levels have been shown to increase stress levels, which in turn can have a big impact on workers’ overall health and  wellness. Sound absorption has been dramatically improved with First Call LVT through the use of the FlexForm SoundTM cushion layer, created by Milliken to radically reduce contact noise and improve acoustic performance. This pioneering cushion layer can diminish impact sound by up to 16 decibels (compared to 5 decibels for standard LVT).

Milliken’s First Call LVT is offered in a loose lay format which has several important benefits: With the need for adhesives eliminated, floor preparation is simplified and cost and time decreased. Not only is installation time reduced by up to 30%, disruption, dust, noise and odours are also reduced and installation can even take place during working hours, reducing downtime and cost. Furthermore because the product can be installed directly on top of many existing hard floor surfaces, without adhesive, the condition of the original floor is protected.

Whilst Milliken’s FlexForm™ construction ensures the Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) remains stable on the floor during use, uplift of individual planks is easy. This means that underfloor access is simple, as is repair, replacement or reinstall to allow potential space reconfigurations. In the event of any marking or spillages planks can be changed to allow the sub floor to dry before being easily replaced. As expected from any Milliken product, sustainability is at the core of the design and production process and Milliken Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) meets the European requirements for Indoor Air Quality and qualifies for credits for BREEAM and LEED IAQ.

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