From Concept to Design: Skai Fabric Pioneer the Automotive Industry too

The Hornschuch Groups Skai® Fabrics, exclusively distributed in the UK/Ireland by Malone fabrics, show their diversity through-out the different contract sectors in the conecept design of THE PIONEER.THE PIONEER is based on a Citroen C4 Cactus, the air bumpers, which are so typical of the Cactus, on the side, front and rear are retained, but are given a modern design with the use of skai® Diamond in the color copper rose, a material which was developed specifically for the vehicle and which continues the diamond theme used on the body.

In the interior, there are lots of Hornschuch Group surfaces used. This begins with the instrument panel, which is covered at the top with a new TPO artificial leather material. This is adjoined by the skai® Softskin, which has won many awards with its particularly high-quality feel.

The Business of SeatingTHE PIONEER concept is most clearly expressed on the seats. These are practically “dressed”, meaning that they appear in the modern business style, wearing a “suit”, “shirt” and “tie”. The most striking feature is the tie, which consists of the specially developed material skai® Tex-Tie, which is enhanced by a fine textile structure.

See the concept video for THE PIONEER below;

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