Furniture Fusion visits St. George’s Bristol

It’s always fun working with unusual venues and when Furniture Fusion got approached by the St. George’s Bristol, it was the perfect match. As a member of the BCFA, Furniture Fusion is dedicated to ideas and innovation, creating effective solutions for a diverse mix of clients, so this project was a perfect fit for them.

The 19th century church turned music hall is an architectural gem, has an amazing character, great acoustics and when they recently added a two-story extension, it needed a fresh, modern look.

Design Insider Furniture Fusion St George Outside

The client knew exactly what they were after – a well-priced, stackable polypropylene chair – and Furniture Fusion had the solution – Nene chairs. The light and comfortable collection comes in a variety of colours and being produced from a single mould makes it very durable and strong, ideal for a busy commercial use.

In a short timescale of four weeks the Nene chair was sampled, St. George’s tried it and loved it. Over 100 Nene side chairs in three colours were delivered, with the Nene armchairs and square Nene tables complementing the design.

Design Insider Furniture Fusion St George Armchairs

To add a bit of dimension to the room, two ash veneer Slab End tables were installed, framing the room perfectly. The black Easy stools with metal frame tie the look of the venue beautifully, giving the customers various seating options.

The high tables and stools match the bar colour scheme, while the Nene collection adds a bit of lightness into the palette.

Design Insider Furniture Fusion St George Bar

Furniture Fusion’s approach to a brief is simple: listen, interpret, deliver. The relationships built are strong, with clients coming to regard them as an integral part of their team. Why not contact Furniture Fusion to see if they fit your team in your project? They recently spoke to Design Insider about another project – 32 by The Hollies. Why not find out more about this family business?

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