Gensler create Hyundai Capital’s UK Headquarters

Existence requires continuous change. For a global business like Hyundai Capital, where growth and evolvement define its culture, it was crucial to craft a workplace that reflects its progressive nature whilst still having the flexibility to unfold with its workforce.

With a long history of designing spaces for Hyundai Capital, Gensler was commissioned to create its new UK headquarters in Reigate, Surrey. Having shown remarkable growth in its relatively short history, it was important to conceive an attractive, practical and creative work environment, capable of responding and adapting to the firm’s ever evolving office structure.


Looking closely at its business needs, culture, employees and aspirations, an onus was put into making the new space lean, agile and authentic. As a forward-thinking firm, Hyundai Capital wanted a space that would empower its employees – a highly useful environment, not just a beautiful workplace.

Activity based working was central to this design, therefore the new space offers contemporary, flexible working through a variety of different settings – with moveable and adjustable desks, folding walls, pull down power cords fixed to the open mesh ceiling and writable walls within meeting rooms and offices – tailored for an expanding workforce.


High spec lighting, furniture, flooring and finishes have been combined to distinguish neighbouring areas for different activities without the need for floor to ceiling partitioning. The traditional reception area has been eliminated in favour of an open plan social hub that enables visitors to mix with employees as soon as they arrive and gain immediate insight to the philosophy of Hyundai Capital and its inspired approach.


Gensler’s solution encourages collaboration and socialisation. In addition to the kitchen, lounge and games rooms, optimised views, plenty of natural light and biophilic finishes, giving the space a calming and restorative atmosphere, creating a home-like ambiance; a place where people want to be. Employees are encouraged to bring in plants, vinyl records and books, enabling them to co-opt and hack the space to truly make it their own.

The design has a functional and industrial aesthetic. Monochrome accents bringing cultural context to the interiors drawing inspiration from London’s Victorian architecture. The mix of various textures and features blend seamlessly together to showcase the elegant and stylish design values which Hyundai Capital strive to achieve throughout their global portfolio of buildings.


The space is an integral part of the firm’s business strategy as it transitions from financial services to fintech. The ‘sophisticated industrial’ quality appeals to the type of talent which Hyundai Capital is trying to attract and retain. The new HQ clearly delivers the best office space in Reigate – a futureproofed environment providing authenticity and accelerating innovation.

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