GP&J Baker Signature Wallpapers II

At the heart of GP & J Baker lies its incredible archive. This collection celebrates the company’s fantastic heritage with some of its most beautiful and iconic designs enhanced by the addition of the archival Chifu a stunning interpretation of an 18th century Quing dynasty dragon robe. Two differing geometrics, Herringbone and Langdale Trellis harmonise perfectly both in colour and style with this superb collection.

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Magnificent patterns of Oriental peonies, and magnolias, leafy ferns, Persian landscapes, Chinese fire dragons and antique ikat textiles will inspire a whole range of looks and styles perfect for the modern interior.

The striking colour palette ranges from verdant greens on grounds of antique pink, Chinese yellow, rich teals, and carmine and bronze to cooler delft blues and sophisticated neutrals.

Emperor’s Garden

This design is derived from a group of hand-painted Chinese wallpapers discovered in a manor house in Kent. The lavish floral of peonies in full bloom with cherry blossom entwining fruit and birds of paradise has been skilfully translated into this exquisite new version.


Taken from the archive, this dramatic Chinoiserie design of swirling dragons, formalised clouds and branches laden with blooms is based on an 18th century Chinese imperial dragon robe. Rich in symbolic meaning denoting power, strength and good luck, the number of dragon motifs traditionally revealed the wearer’s rank and status. ‘Chifu’ has now been interpreted as a spectacular wallpaper.


‘Ferns’ was created by the textile artist Joseph M. Doran and purchased by GP & J Baker in 1935. Originally based on a series of botanical drawings of the late 18th century, a record of plants growing within a 10 mile radius of London, this has now become one of GP & J Baker’s most loved designs’


‘Magnolia’ remains one of the best loved designs painted by William Turner for GP & J Baker in 1913. This exuberant pattern is in the tradition of the flowering trees to be found in antique hand painted Chinese wall panels. The magnolia flowers have been enlivened with large bursts of chrysanthemum and hydrangea blossom, while butterflies hover amid the fragrant scene.

Hydrangea Bird

GP& J Baker’s magnificent ‘Hydrangea Bird’, was painted in 1917 by William Turner, an important textile designer of the time. This hugely successful design is still as popular over a hundred years later. Inspired by a fragment of Chinese wallpaper dating from the late 18th century it depicts majestic pheasants in an exotic flowering tree.


In a naive 17th century illustration of a Persian country park, a small lake filled with lotus flowers and trees heavy with ripening peaches form the backdrop to horsemen and their attendants setting out for a day’s hunt.

Heron and Lotus Flower

One of GP & J Baker’s most famous prints, originally designed by William Turner in 1913, shows graceful herons standing amidst lotus flowers and flitting dragonflies and has now been translated into a stunning silhouette design creating an extremely elegant wallpaper.

Langdale Trellis

Re-coloured and updated to harmonise with this collection, the Chinoiserie style of ‘Langdale’ was inspired by the delicacy of the carved fretwork of the Chippendale chairs found at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton.

Ikat Bokhara

In the 19th century, the Silk Road desert oases of Bokhara, Samarkand and Kashgar were famous for their fine silk ikats. Traditionally rich and vibrant in colour to complement the bold patterns of the ikat design, our Bokhara wallpaper palette also includes the softer hues of blush and sand to add a different dimension to the classic ikat colours.


A striped herringbone providing visual texture and designed to co-ordinate with all our Signature’ wallpapers, this graphic design also makes a confident stand-alone statement.

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