Graduate Profiles: Sheffield Hallam University

Over the past week we have been profiling design graduates, the response from both students and our readers has been fantastic.  In fact, we have had such an overwhelming response from the pro-active students from Sheffield Hallam University that we have created a group post.

In this post you will read about work by Anthony Cooper, Joseph Butler, Oliver Miller and Ciara Little who will graduate with MDes Product Design, and Zuza Paveley who will graduate with MDes Furniture Design, all from Sheffield Hallam University.


We started by asking Anthony Cooper to tell us about his Aer design:  ‘Aer is a chainsaw, designed for a post-combustion engine future. Harnessing the power of a future battery technology, Aer offers a performance that rivals petrol chainsaws. Yet it is lighter, with better weight distribution, reduced noise and emissions. The design meets challenging performance needs whilst remaining sensitive to environmental issues.’

When we asked Anthony about his plans for the future he told us that he was:  Excited to get out into the design industry, gaining more experience, whilst tackling new creative challenges and further developing my skills and understanding.

Please take a look at Anthony’s website here.


Joseph Butler designed PZB-115:   ‘PZB-115 is an angle grinder designed to combat the condition Vibration White Finger through both passive and active damping. The Piezoelectric sensor continuously measures, compares and reacts to the vibration frequency and subsequently transmits the opposite signal to dampen the vibrations.’

We spoke with Joseph about his aspirations for the future:  ‘I intend, and am very excited to take the skills and experiences I have acquired on my course, to work in this exciting industry either here in the UK or abroad.’    

You can see more of Josephs work on his website here.


Oliver Miller explained his innovative design Oxy:  Oxy is an elite respiratory training aid for semi professional athletes. Oxy allows users to improve their lung strength and endurance to optimise sporting performance, by restricting airflow during 30 breathe exercises to strengthen the diaphragm and intercostal muscles. A partnered companion app allows Oxy to guide users through their breathing exercises.’

We also asked Oliver about his plans for the future:  After my degree I aim to join a design team that specialises in the sport product design. I also have personal interests within marketing and branding; I would love to enhance these skills in industry.’

Find out more information about Oliver’s work on his website here.


Ciara Little provided us wit details of her A/B/O design:  ‘A/B/O: Blood Bags are blood type specific transfusion kits. Designed to prevent ‘Never Events’ where 10ml of the wrong ABO blood type can be fatal.  The products main focuses are the form, to visually represent the blood type; A connector system allowing only correct connections and a pioneering labelling system.’

Ciara has clear plans for her future:  ‘Following my graduation, I am seeking a career within the human factors and research side of design, specifically within healthcare, to provide practical product design solutions.’

Find out more information about Ciara fascinating work on her website here.


Furniture Design Graduate Zuza Paveley explained her design work:  ‘Inspired by Sacred Geometry, the Bodhi range consists of a collection of furniture and homeware pieces representing the designers’ perception of actualising feminine energy within the home. Guided by Golden Ratio proportions, the low table, jug, cups and candle-holder embody the three key ways an individual can awaken their feminine consciousness and connections with nature.’

Zuza has already begin to work towards her perfect career:  I am currently working with local tradesmen/manufacturers to improve my carpentry skills and manufacturing knowledge. Eventually, I want to start up my own design business after some experience in the industry.’

You can currently see Sheffield Hallam University’s graduate show at Sheffield Institute of Arts 10th June – 23rd June 2017 and a selection will be taken to New Designers from the 5th July – 8th July 2017.


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