GROHE C2C: Revolutionary Design for a Circular Future

Leading global bathroom brand GROHE doesn’t take sustainability lightly when it comes to product development. As one of the core values of the business, the environment and earth’s natural resources are key considerations in everything from products through to packaging.  

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Revolutionary design

In 2021 the company made a move towards a circular economy through its Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold Level range; amongst the first in the sanitaryware industry to achieve this world-class design accreditation in which each product component can be recycled or has an endless lifecycle.

This circular approach to design allows GROHE to drastically reduce the use of new resources as a product is designed and manufactured with the intent of helping to create new products in the future, offering designers, architects and developers a more sustainable choice.

Included in the Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold Level range are some of GROHE’s best-selling products which have been recreated specifically to meet the accreditation’s criteria; the GROHE BauEdge S-Size, GROHE Eurosmart S-Size and GROHE Eurosmart Kitchen taps, as well as the GROHE Tempesta shower rail set.

Transformative design

The sustainable impact of the GROHE BauEdge S-Size and GROHE Eurosmart is enhanced even further with SilkMove ES (energy saving) technology. This feature prevents the unnecessary use of hot water by supplying only cold water with the lever in the middle position, allowing users to be more mindful of their water usage. Through this, GROHE’s SilkMove ES technology helps to reduce a building’s carbon footprint, which is especially important in light of the fact that carbon emissions from buildings and construction constitute almost 40% of global carbon emissions[1].

Going beyond simply recycling, the C2C approach reinforces GROHE’s commitment to sustainable transformation by taking into account the entire lifecycle of a product and its materials; for example, taps can be broken back down into their original materials ready to be re-used.

By looking at the lifecycle of a product and seeing them as a valuable store of raw materials which don’t harm people or the environment, GROHE have been able to ensure better living for future generations while providing the building sector with a huge opportunity for innovation.

Long term sustainability

GROHE is no stranger to environmental considerations through the rest of its product portfolio, always striving to ensure sustainability and design work together. As well as achieving Cradle to Cradle Certified® Gold Level and planning for future circular ranges, GROHE goes beyond and offers components for products for ten years after they’ve been discontinued, encouraging users to repair and reuse rather than needlessly replace.

As well as setting a new benchmark in the sanitary industry with its Cradle Certified® Gold Level  range, the company has successfully introduced a number of sustainable business practices. Having achieved carbon neutral production status in 2020, GROHE reduced its water consumption globally by 38.7% last year and achieved its goal of plastic-free packaging by 2022.


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