GROHE Icon 3D: Innovation for the Future

Known for its bold, market-leading innovation, global bathroom brand GROHE’s Icon 3D tap collection marks an exciting future for product design. Available in two designs, the exclusively made-to-order 3D taps embrace the still-emerging technology of 3D metal printing within the bathroom and highlight just how GROHE’s designers and engineers are continuing to push the boundaries of modern tap design and manufacturing.

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A new way to manufacture

GROHE Icon 3D offers an innovative, resource-efficient design through minimal, pared back aesthetics which use significantly less material than standard manufacturing methods.

By adding the metal raw material and forming it layer by layer, rather than being subtracted or cut out of a solid figure, precious resources are saved during the manufacturing process. The considered method also allows for unique design features such as the ultra-thin structures and hollow interiors which simply couldn’t be replicated via other means of manufacturing.

Long regarded as the manufacturing technology of the future, 3D printing has been adopted by GROHE to redefine the home design industry with its made-to-order GROHE Atrio Icon 3D and GROHE Allure Brilliant Icon 3D bathroom taps.

A world with less waste

3D printing lends itself to creating products, or even spare parts, on demand leading to world with much less waste.

As leaders in design and constantly pioneering sustainability, GROHE’s introduction of 3D printed products allows for production to be tailored to the demand of each product, meaning no excess product is created and left unused and eventually wasted.

Designing for the future

Patrick Speck, Leader LIXIL Global Design, tell us: “While 3D printing has been up and coming for the last few years, we’re still at a stage where orders are limited with a few pieces being produced each year – it makes the process unique and revolutionary.

“The possibilities could be truly endless for the design and development industry as whole – product dimensions of a product could be adjusted prior to installation to guarantee perfect fit, the aesthetic of something like a bathroom tap could be completely bespoke to suit an individual space and replacement parts for faulty products could be created within minutes.

At GROHE we’re incredibly excited about what we’ve created with GROHE Icon 3D and more so, where we envision it leading.”

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