GROHE Tell us what they’ll be exhibiting at BCFA OPEN SPRING DESIGN

GROHE will be exhibiting at BCFA OPEN SPRING DESIGN, March 28th & 29th at The Truman Brewery, London at stand 2. They will be showcasing a range of products at the show, here’s a sneak preview of what you will see at this wonderful new show.

 Essence and Concetto Professional

GROHE has just launched two new additions to its Professional range, the Essence and Concetto professional style kitchen taps. The products’ attractive design and ease of use offers a unique level of comfort and convenience.essence tap

Every detail of the taps has been carefully considered to ensure superior ergonomics are at the forefront of the design. The new GrohFlexx technology makes the spray particularly mobile for a wide variety of uses. A silicon hose with an integrated metal spring allows users to freely twist and turn the spray through a full 360 degree range.

The new GROHE EasyDock M technology uses a powerful magnet in the holder to guide the spray back to its ideal docking position. Essence and Concetto Professional are distinguished by their particularly slim and streamlined body built around an advanced 28 millimetre cartridge.

Sensia® Arena and GROHE Spalet

The new Sensia® Arena shower toilet is packed with state-of-the-art technology including app control.Sensia Arena (800x575)

Smart technology is continually evolving in the bathroom and, as a result, GROHE has developed the Spalet product category. The Sensia® Arena, part of this Spalet catagory, is designed to improve hygiene levels within the bathroom. Each user can personalise their shower toilet experience, as all settings can be adjusted.

The AquaCeramic technology is a HyperClean surface that prevents 99% of bacteria – dirt cannot stick to it! This tech-forward product was awarded a Gold Award in the Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Awards 2016.

Essence Range

GROHE embraces the global trend for individualised design with its new Essence range, now available in ten dazzling colours and finishes.Essence colours images2The new GROHE Essence range, including taps, showers and accessories, offers huge flexibility in design. The range is now available in ten possible combinations of deluxe colours and state-of-the-art finishes: Cool Sunrise, Warm Sunset, Hard Graphite and Nickel with either a brushed or polished finish. Inspired by the latest global trends, the mixers and colours were carefully designed to fit into every bathroom style and décor.

We spoke to Design VP, Michael Seum earlier in February about the Essence range, read more here.

GROHE SmartControl

GROHE is delighted to present a brand new, unique GROHE Rainshower® system featuring innovative SmartControl push button technology: the first of its kind on the market to offer on-off and volume control at the push of a button.SmartControl 1 (599x800)

GROHE SmartControl takes the idea of comfortable showering to a new level. The newly designed push button integrates both the ON-OFF function and the water volume control. To start the shower, simply push the button with the symbol for the head shower spray pattern or the hand spray. The anti-slip edges of the push buttons allows the user to adjust the strength of the water flow accurately, even with wet hands, for a perfect, personalised shower.

 Blue® Home

The Blue® Home is GROHE’s latest addition to its popular Blue® water system range, delivering delicious and filtered chilled still, semi and sparkling water on demand.Blue® Home

The stylish water system puts an end to time consuming trips to the supermarket to stock up on bottled water, maximising storage space in the kitchen, and reducing carbon emissions by about 80 percent compared to bottled water. Thanks to its compact design, the Blue® Home water system can easily be installed into kitchens in six simple steps, with just a 30 minutes set up time.

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