Hansgrohe launches the new generation of intelligent concealed installation – the iBox universal 2

Launched 22 years ago, the hansgrohe iBox universal was a revolution in concealed installation and has been used in millions of bathrooms around the world.  Now, hansgrohe has revealed the next generation of pioneering concealed technology – the iBox universal 2, based on the proven iBox Universal, and with extra install features.

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Simplified installation steps and new technical refinements mean the new iBox universal 2 is more convenient and faster to install, with added safety improvements. The product has also been manufactured with the highest quality in mind, giving installers security in the product’s longevity and performance.

Axel Meissner, Product Manager, Hansgrohe SE, explains “Installers are facing more demand and daily time pressures on the job than ever before. To support them in installing the best, high-quality products aligned with customer expectations, we designed the new iBox universal 2 with the installer’s needs top of mind.

“The new generation iBox is designed to simplify the everyday lives of installers, efficiently improving their workflows, and supporting them in obtaining excellent customer satisfaction.”

Simple and Effective

Designed with flexibility in mind, the iBox universal 2 gives installers a range of installation options. For example, the basic body can be adapted to any standard wall depth between 80 and 108 millimetres, and an extension rosette enables convenient installation even in the case of wall constructions being too flat – making the iBox universal 2 the right solution for any installation.

The installation process has been considered at every stage of product design. The integrated circular spirit level makes the first alignment of the iBox universal 2 simple, with alignment indicators located on the expanded polypropylene box, as well as a pictorial representation to support with easy installation. A cleaning cap also protects the concealed unit from dust and damage during installation and transport.

The iBox universal 2 saves time and nerves. Thanks to pre-assembly, the function block forms a unit with the adapter. This eliminates the need to shorten the screws and the adapter must no longer be measured, cut and calibrated. Moreover, the use of tools is minimized.

The iBox universal 2 is also equipped with a new sliding sleeve for deep installation, meaning the product can be easily installed without cutting, regardless of the depth in which the flush-mounted body is installed. A pre-mounted sealing sleeve is also tightly connected to the sliding sleeve, meaning the iBox universal 2 is automatically fitted with essential watertight installation.

Finally, thanks to an all-new mounting ring, the new unit can easily be installed in a concealed fashion within, or alternatively in front of the wall.

When considering the installation of hansgrohe hand and overhead showers into the iBox universal 2, four Rp ½ connection threads mean installation is simple, regardless of the showers flow rate. The threads also enable precision-fit installation, particularly of resource-saving showers that more customers are now looking to have installed, without compromising on shower experience. Rigorous testing of the iBox universal 2 has also guaranteed reliable protection against backflow, for example with bath inlets, outlets, and overflow fittings, to ensure the customers showering experience remains a luxury.

In terms of materials, the iBox universal 2 is manufactured with expanded polypropylene (EPP) – a sustainable material providing sound absorption and thermal insulation, supporting installers with providing high-performance products that meet the growing sustainability demands of customers.  

Supporting the development of the perfect bathroom

More customers seek their bathroom to be a feel-good space of tranquillity, so minimising noise disruption is important. Hansgrohe have considered this within the design of the iBox universal 2, with all water-bearing product parts being designed to reduce flow noises within the bathroom. The product also works in conjunction with new prefabricated sets for both showers and bathtubs, which comply with noise class 1, to support continued noise reduction in the bathroom.

Individualisation has also grown in importance, with select finishes, personalised experiences, and innovative functions in demand. To support this, the iBox universal 2 can be combined with all hansgrohe prefabricated sets, giving customers complete design freedom in the bathroom. To support installers who may be working on older bathrooms, an adaptor plate can be bought to fit the new iBox universal 2 to any hansgrohe shower installation.

For those installers working in the public sector or on specific projects, the iBox universal 2 complies with current global standards and is compatible with a range of different installation systems, connection types and fittings. In line with the usual hansgrohe quality standards the iBox universal 2 meets the technical standards, reliability and durability expectations of all installers working across a range of jobs.

Sleek new shower plate sets

With many customers gravitating towards concealed fittings for a seamless bathroom aesthetic, the iBox universal 2 has been designed to make bulky pipes a thing of the past, with the new design revealing only slim and elegant concealed piping.

To continue a seamless bathroom look, hansgrohe has developed two new shower and bath mixer solutions to match the iBox universal 2.

Firstly, the ShowerSelect Comfort thermostat brings both visual appeal and technical function to the bathroom, designed to appear as though it is floating in front of the wall. The thermostat’s full surface Select buttons allows for easy alteration of temperature and water flow, including an integrated flow control with the ’stop’ function to ensure the sustainable use of water, and their metal composition ensures the product not only stands the test of time, but is particularly easy to clean. To meet the design aesthetic of all customers, the thermostat is available in three geometric design lines (round, rounded and angular), and five FinishPlus surfaces, giving installers a wealth of options to present to the customer.  

Secondly, hansgrohe has developed the DuoTurn concealed mixer, with a rosette height of only 7 millimetres and the filigree temperature handle at a height of only 40 millimetres, giving customers a high degree of both freedom and convenience in the bathroom. Operation of the mixer is also particularly intuitive, with customers now able to select the water flow and temperature via a turning mechanism that no longer requires pulling when switching. A lower handle allows users to conveniently adjust the desired temperature, while the upper handle allows users to switch from overhead to hand-shower and control the water flow, in just one turn. To match any bathroom aesthetic, hansgrohe DuoTurn is also available in a wide range of FinishPlus surfaces, including the trendy matt black, contemporary matt white, or a warmer brushed bronze.

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