Healthcare: 5 Reasons to Specify Bespoke Designs for Projects

Interior design projects are more demanding than ever. High client expectations, the pressure to deliver beautiful surroundings on time and the need to stand out from the competition. That’s why Bespoke by Evans enables interiors designers, specifiers and architects to go that extra mile with a unique solution which are individually tailored to each and every design project.

Beth Lewin, Head Designer at Bespoke by Evans explains:

“A custom design within your interior design scheme allows for a point of difference and that alone could be a key factor when tendering for a project. All of our custom designed fabrics meet the legislative requirements of commercial environments and our UK digitally printed designs do not compromise on the quality of a project.”

Beth added: “Having the ability to incorporate a bespoke option into your design scheme allows for a versatile and flexible solution and can be used across multiple applications within Healthcare, Hospitality, Workplace, Leisure, Student housing or any other contract environment.”

According to Beth, bespoke fabric designs often helps to create a bold design statement that is also highly functional – many ‘off the shelf’ fabric designs cannot offer personalised style with substance.

“It becomes too difficult to achieve a true level of distinction when selecting a readymade fabric from a pattern book. A truly wonderful interior deserves truly wonderful design and a bespoke designed fabric provides fully customisable solution to really enhance the character and narrative of a property.”

5 reasons to specify Bespoke by Evans:
1. Create a truly unique design for your client that enhances your creative vision
2. Refresh an existing design for continuity or add a slight change to your scheme
3. Can’t find the exact colour, pattern or style needed? Let us create it for you
4. Completely free initial design concept and zero charges of fabric and design samples – there’s nothing to lose
5. No commitment to bulk order – orders from as little as just 10 metres per design or colour

Bespoke by Evans offers cost-effective flame-retardant solutions and the team ensure you get the right fabric and the right price to match. 

Contact Evans Textiles through the BCFA Product Finder.

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