Healthcare: Bespoke by Evan’s Top Tips

Bespoke by Evans specialises in custom designed flame retardant fabrics for a range of commercial interior projects and design schemes including; hotels, boutique B&B’s, restaurants, bars, cinemas, offices, schools, universities and healthcare environments including care homes.

Designing fabrics of texture, colour, pattern and ultimately style means considering the functionality of the space and well-being of residents, staff and guests alike. This article aims to provide guidance on supplier specification ensuring they cover your unique interior design needs. We’ve put together a short 5-point top tip guide to help you when specifying a contract fabric supplier for your next interior design project.

Evan’s Textiles (Bespoke by Evan’s) Top Tips for specifying a fabric supplier for your next project

1. Find a supplier that fully understands you and your clients’ needs
Many suppliers within the industry offer readymade fabrics but not every need, want or desire of a care home nor residents will be the same. Why settle for an ‘off the shelf’ solution when you could have something truly customised to the personality of a property? Consider a bespoke design that offers flexibility and can address specific design needs you and your client may have – not to mention adds an element of distinction.

2. Find a supplier that is qualified to do the job
Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It’s easy to be convinced by a fancy website and great sales patter but are they actually qualified and experienced to support your needs? The last thing any interior designer wants is a below standard design for a client. At Bespoke by Evans, we are proud to invest in our Textile Designers and the team are qualified in the Intersection of Dementia & Design with the University of Sterling providing that necessary level of understanding, knowledge and support to give you and your healthcare clients the best designs.

3. Find a supplier that puts you first
Everyone knows the impact of a long lasting, personal relationship. Having a contract fabric supplier moreover a textile designer who acts as a long term partner in a project reflects a commitment to customer excellence. Unlike other suppliers, we’re proud of our commitment to customers and we work on a purely collaborative process whereby all of our clients get a personal designer for their project and are fully in control of their design process.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask those challenging questions
How much is it going to cost? Most suppliers charge from the outset which can mean costs soon mount up and push up the budget. A good contract fabric supplier will keep things simple. At Bespoke by Evans, there’s nothing to pay for the consultation, appointments, samples or design concepts – it’s all completely free of charge. You simply pay for the finished fabric once you’re ready.

How much is your minimal order quantity? Don’t get caught short and coerced to order in bulk. Even small quantities such as 1 0metres should be manageable from a good supplier. A supplier should be flexible enough to meet your needs.

5. Can they offer the right solutions to meet your budget?
Ensuring the project is delivered on time and within budget is a huge pressure so having a supplier that can and will support you is invaluable. Look for proof of flexibility and negotiate on price where you can. Finding a supplier that delivers the right fabric and doesn’t ‘round up’ on costs ensures you’ll get a fair, honest price.

Understanding the needs and challenges of a care home – and equally those of the end customer including residents, guests, patients and staff doesn’t have to be complex when you have right supplier in your supply chain.

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