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10 Minute Interview with Beth Lewin, Lead Designer at Bespoke by Evans

Bespoke by Evans turn ideas into reality for interior designers. The business creates custom FR contract fabrics that offer something unique for every design scheme. It’s a perfect solution for clients that are after something more exclusive and not an ‘off-the-shelf’ option.

Based in Manchester, UK and headed up by Lead Designer, Beth Lewin, their years of experience and qualifications in textile design mean that they’re the perfect partner to bring your unique interior visions to life.
We thought we’d ask Beth a few questions about Bespoke by Evans.

How does your design process usually begin?

We’re very flexible – clients can send us a brief, chat over the phone, send us an image and we’ll develop it from there. As everything we do is bespoke, we’re use to the various challenges in design concepts and we try to understand the client and interior scheme vision. We always work collaboratively with our clients to make their inspiration into a fully finished fabric and it’s so exciting to go on the deisgn journey with our clients.

What things do you have to consider when designing for the contract environment?

Designing for residential and commercial properties come with different challenges. There are often a few more considerations to consider with commercial properties such as functionality of space, regulations and people that will interact within that space with the fabric produced. Life is never dull when designing and whether hospitality, healthcare or other, we tend to try to get a good understanding of the clients needs by listening, exploring and challenging through our design work.

What do you like most about designing specifically for a contract environment?

We get a real mix of clients and requests and with everything being exclusive and bespoke. It’s all very exciting. I take particular pleasure in speaking to clients for the first time as they’re often shocked that we’ll design an initial concept for them totally free or charge and there’s no obligation to proceed – it’s just part of the service but as we strive to exceed expectations, we often form great working relationships.

What do you enjoy about designing bespoke commercial fabrics?

Designing for Bespoke by Evans is a real treat! I find it rewarding seeing the finished article – when fabrics are printed and placed into a contract environment. I’ve had some of my designed featured in national magazines and up for international awards as part of a clients interior design scheme.

How long does it take to develop a bespoke design?

That’s a tough question. We’ve had really strong detailed briefed which has meant we can really run with a project straight away – other times there is more detective work to do. Either way, we always ensure we meet our clients’ deadlines. Bespoke designs always have varying levels of complexity but it’s this challenge which we enjoy.

How do you design?

We work in a fast-paced design environment so we have to have the expertise to approach particular briefs with a specific style. Luckily, we have lots of tools at our disposable from Adobe Creative Suite and AVA/CAD to free hand painting and sketching. It all depends on what the client’s concept is. They key objective is for us is to translate their idea into something meaningful and impressive.

Is there any piece of advice you like to give aspiring and trainee textile designers?

Design is subjective. I’ve found that you have to grow more resilient as some people may love your work whilst others may be a little more critical. It’s about focus and ensuring you can deliver for a client on a project commercially. At Bepsoke by Evans, we believe in always continuing to evolve so despite our years of collective experience, we are still committing to professional development to evolve and offer our customers new and exciting ways to interpret their vision.

Request your free initial design concepts and samples from the team at Bespoke by Evans simply visiting for more information.

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