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Design Insider is delighted to share a Q&A with Newmor Wallcovering’s all about Healthcare. Texture, colour and pattern, it’s what they do best and at Newmor the options are endless…

Can you tell us about the Newmor design team?

We’re really proud of our in-house design team which comprises of our Head of Design, Rose, who has extensive experience designing for commercial interiors. We also have a team of designers who work on new prints and textures, as well as bespoke digitally printed designs.

“We have a wealth of experience designing for the healthcare sector, and where possible attend trade shows and keep track of market insights to stay ahead of colour and design trends. We have a vast array of designs that add warmth and texture to create a more comfortable environment and regularly work with customers to create bespoke products for projects. This includes new designs, custom colours of existing production vinyl and digitally printed designs where there are no restraints on colours or scale.”

Rose Campbell, Head of Design

What specification for wallcoverings is required for a healthcare setting?

The specification for the Healthcare sectors can vary depending on the environment they are being used in. Generally however they would need to be highly durable, carry a fire rating and contain an anti-microbial agent. In some instances, such as surgical rooms, it’s also essential that they have additional protection such as a Tedlar coating so they can be cleaned regularly with very strong cleaning products.

Why is it important that the wallcoverings meet these standards/requirements?

It’s important for a number of reasons, they obviously need to be able to meet the demands of a high traffic area, carry the fire rating that is a legal requirement and be easily cleanable whilst not encouraging the growth of bacteria.

Can the specification of wallcovering sometimes be overlooked when designing for a healthcare setting?

Absolutely, it’s important that we work with our clients to ensure that they are able to meet both the brief aesthetically as well as technically.
How can the design of wallcoverings impact healthcare settings for people with mental ill-health or dementia?

Creating a feel good, home-from-home atmosphere is incredibly important for people with mental ill-health or dementia. The use of subtle patterns and textures reduces anxiety, and consideration of scale and contrast makes an environment easier to perceive. We list LRVs alongside our products to make it easier to plan pathways and isolate potential risks. We also print bespoke murals – calming countryside, nostalgic landscapes and familiar scenes can improve wayfinding, create a sense of purpose and improve the overall well-being and quality of life for people living with dementia. Interior decoration directly affects someone with dementia, so utmost care must be taken to ensure interiors do not cause bewilderment, be overstimulating, or create a false reality.

What is your favourite Healthcare project and product so far?

We completed a lovely project with Anchor Care Homes. Mayflower Court is a 72 bed care home with a dedicated dementia care facility. The brief was that two of the floors would be specifically set up for those living with dementia. The two dementia floors had two-tone patterns where the shades were ten points light reflective value or less.

The subtle patterns added interest to the room without potentially distressing someone living with dementia. On the other two floors the brief was to have a ‘hotel’ feel, allowing contrasting vibrant colours to be used.

Do you have any trend predictions for Healthcare Wallcoverings?

We’re noticing healthcare settings are more closely tracking those in hotel and hospitality interiors. Hospitality interior design has proven that it can be friendly, luxurious and homely, while also being easy to clean and durable against large amounts of traffic. We’re also noticing an increased awareness of the psychological power of colour to influence the mood of people who might be anxious, emotional or disoriented. The biophilia trend in offices, hotels, retail and other commercial settings has also made its way into healthcare environments. Fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings are the perfect solution for adding texture, colour, print and bespoke design to healthcare interiors while still remaining practical and durable. Our wallcoverings are scrubbable and can be cleaned with chlorine releasing agents to maintain the ultimate in cleanliness.

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