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Furniture for clinics and hospitals has to meet particularly high standards. Besides offering functionality and flexibility it must comply with a wide variety of regulations on safety and hygiene. Nonetheless, furnishings must also fulfil a need for aesthetics and design to make patients and staff feel at ease. At Wiesner-Hager, they develop furniture which does not only serve a wide variety of functions, but also contributes to a pleasant atmosphere in patient rooms, lounges, cafeterias and offices.

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Sit comfortably. Get up comfortably.

Wiesner-Hager makes it easy to get up – thanks to practical seat heights and well-designed armrests. These are positioned in such a way that they can be used by patients and people with disabilities who find it increasingly difficult to get up. And they offer firm support thanks to their ergonomically optimised design and maximum stability. The backrests are flexible and promote active sitting.

Wiesner-Hager offers a maximum of quality thanks to the targeted use of the latest manufacturing technology. Process reliability, efficiency, precision and innovative production methods offer you the guarantee of a consistently high standard of quality: Made in Austria. A wide range of variants allows for individual needs to be met. Thus, on the one hand, the design can be adapted according to users’ wishes and on the other hand can be integrated seamlessly into the architectural context.”

Hygenic and easy to clean.

Strict hygiene regulations are standard in the area of healthcare. Removable and washable covers for upholstered furniture facilitate cleaning. As an option a moisture-resistant layer of Eratex padding provides cushions with extra protection. Moreover, thanks to the use of particularly hardwearing surfaces, they can withstand even aggressive cleaning agents and disinfectants. The optional use of top-quality PVC-free artificial leather protects against chemical influences and ensures easy cleaning.

No compromise on fire prevention.

Public institutions such as hospitals are subject to the highest standards in relation to fire prevention. These also apply to furniture and equipment. Our materials are tested and assessed for their fire behaviour and then certified according to European fire safety standards (EN). Thus, wood varnishes, powder coatings for metal surfaces, selected upholstery fabrics such as artificial leather, etc. comply with fire prevention regulations.

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