Heathfield’s Ceramic Inspired Collections

Design Insider explores with Heathfield, a BCFA member, their creative ceramic ranges that have inspiration from nature. Founded in 1977, Heathfield prides themselves on being standout designers and manufactures of finest decorative lighting. 

Design Insider Heathfield Canyon

The Canyon table lamp is inspired by vast landscapes, naturally shaped and contoured over time by the elements.

The vivid red and burnt orange hues presented in the reactive ceramic glaze reference the scorched rock and sand textures that inspire the piece. The reactive glaze ensures that each individual piece remains fully unique.

Design Insider Heathfield Fuji

The Fuji table lamp features alongside the Canyon, both inspired by ancient, naturally sculpted landscapes.

The Fuji also features a vivid reactive ceramic glaze presented on hemisphere shaped, curved form. The reactive glaze ensures each individual piece remains fully unique.

Design Insider Heathfield Saha Ceramic

The Saha table lamp is inspired by the bold, flowing lines of contemporary architecture. The design’s spiralled detailing accentuated the full height of the ceramic form. The piece is also finished in a neutral colour tones that further evokes its architectural influences as well as providing a strong versatility.

You can view more of Heathfield’s products and projects by visiting their website.

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