HIX2023: “brush-free” Modern hotel bathrooms from Villeroy & Boch

The bathroom is not only a frequently used, but also a highly precarious area in the hotel – for the guests and the cleaning staff. Perfect cleanliness and hygiene are imperative here, sustainable and comfortable functions are desired. An important factor here are products made from easy-care materials that can be quickly and thoroughly cleaned but at the same time save as much water as possible and are economical to maintain. A consistently clean bathroom is crucial for the well-being of the guests – even between the cleaning intervals of the hotel staff. To ensure this, dirt should not form or adhere in the first place. A problem with this is the toilet brush. Many hoteliers would like to ban the very unpopular utensil as much as possible, because it is hygienically problematic and understandably only reluctantly used by guests. The TwistFlush flushing technology from Villeroy & Boch offers a solution for practically brush-free hotel bathrooms. * According to European standard EN997.

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More power, more hygiene

The patent pending TwistFlush technology uses the physical power of a controlled water vortex that flushes almost the entire inner surface of the toilet and quite literally sweeps away dirt. Since TwistFlush flushes the toilet bowl so thoroughly and the intelligently designed, conically shaped bowl with its steep and extra-smooth walls also reduces deposits, the guest can usually do without the annoying subsequent cleaning brush.

Another positive factor when it comes to hygiene: the sophisticated rimless shape. DirectFlush toilets have intelligent water flow and a special splash guard on the top edge of the bowl, whereas conventional toilets have a narrow flushing rim that is neither visible nor accessible without tools. With a rimless, fully glazed DirectFlush toilet, the bowl can be easily cleaned – which reduces the effort for the service staff significantly. This saves time and reduces operating costs.

Since the controlled water vortex directs the flushing water exactly where it is needed, splashes are also reliably prevented. The easy-care CeramicPlus surface finish and the special AntiBac glaze with silver ions, which are offered as optional equipment features, ensure even more cleanliness and bacterial growth reduction by 99.9%.

Less water, more sustainability

A TwistFlush toilet also saves water and uses the flushing water particularly efficiently. It only takes 4.5 liters for a large flush, and just 3 liters for a small one. Since the flush creates a strong suction, a singular flush is usually sufficient. This is sustainable and saves money.

Another advantage in hotels: TwistFlush works much more quietly than a conventional flush.

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